Michael Brown Eric Garner Protest in Sacramento


 Friday, December 5,2014sac1254sacpro1251We joined the March after having dinner at “The Porch” on K Street.  

It was the best of  Sacramento, white, black, gay, latino, asian.   young and old .

Emotional at times, especially when the crowd chanted “who next”  is she next, is he next who’s next.  

We talked to officer on a bicycle along the way , he and my daughter raved about a new Pizza Restaurant at 16th and K.  

We weren’t tired, the crowd cheered as people joined from the sidewalks.  

We were quietly prepared to go the distance, until the crowd turned on to a busy J Street.  

I support the movement, but I didn’t want to participate in blocking traffic. I could be in one of those cars, going home, going to work, the hospital.

The message is important, the system is broken, we will attend future protests.



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