School’s out till Summer for Cortez Quinn its Jail

Cortez Quinn Taken Into Custody To Serve Eight Months - The Sacramento  Observer


Its over……

For the next eight months,you can reach Former Twin Rivers Unified School School District board member Cortez Quinn  at 651 I Street.

That is the address of the Sacramento Country Jail, which will be his home until next summer and home for his  co-conspirator Andre Pearson who will depart next spring.

Pearson was the perfect friend.  Quinn was experiencing all kinds of baby mama drama.

Mama, a teacher with Twin Rivers Unified School School District bought Quinn a four grand trinket and lent the board member 50 grand AND gave him the greatest gift of all, A son….

Quinn said no!  I am Not da father.

And had a plan. (Enter Mr Pearson)

It’s not my son and I can prove it.

Let do an DNA test…

The test was conducted

And he was NOT the father!

Mama, said, impossible, and asked the court to do another test.

A Judge denied her request.

Mama, wasn’t going out like that!!!!!

The Sacramento County DA who was monitoring Quinn got involved.

In a very clever move. Someone in the DA’s office followed Quinn into the bathroom.


Waited for him to wash and his hands and retrieved the wadded up paper towel he used.

The DNA from the wadded up paper towel revealed,

He WAS da daddy!


Quinn’s bud, Andre Antoine Pearson. Just happens to work for Comprehensive Medical Inc.

The company that processed the original DNA test.

They found he, sent a sample from a third party in place of Quinn’s to a DNA analysis lab for use in the court case

So they’re both in the BIG HOUSE

Where Orange Jumpsuits are all the
RAGE! Nearly everyone who is anyone is wearing them

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Laurel D. White slammed Quinn for submitting a fraudulent paternity test.

“It’s amazing to me that someone who has spent his whole life helping youth would deny a child” he fathered!”

 Before Quinn was taken in custody, Judge White made it clear to him the center of his actions effected the three-year-old boy he fathered with a former TRUSD employee, who he also accepted an illegal loan and gifts from as an elected official.

Judge White, in a stern voice told Quinn that his and a co-conspirator attempt to botch a paternity test were “so outrageous” and “in fact serious” in criminal nature.“

Quinn will also serve for time two misdemeanor counts of accepting “gifts” and “loans” that totaled nearly $55,000.

He had already been assessed a $14,000 fine by the California Fair Political Practices Commission for the violations.

Quinn, will be on formal probation for the next five years

Next round for the 47 year old is working it out with MAMA and child support.

What about his friend?

Pearson’s felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.

The DA took in consideration that Pearson admitted wrongdoing early after he was arrested.

He will  serve 180 days “straight time” in the county jail

“De N-4 Now”


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