RHOA: season 7 episode 6 “Make Up’s and Breakdowns” or Class and a little down home whoppin!

By: CityFella

You could almost call last nights episode class and a little down whoopen.


We begin last night where (6) left off, the ladies (sans Claudia)at the restaurant.   A  Nene and Cynthia’s talk or yell about their broken friendship.   After a while, the ladies though the two should work it out alone.

The mouth that quieted “Star Jones” had the floor.   She said she was blindsided by Cynthia.  My take is she didn’t know the intensity of her anger until the reunion show and for the first time in seven seasons.  Nene cried.  I don’t remember her crying (at least on camera)even after her husband publicly humiliated her on radio.  “She loves Cynthia like a sister”

For Cynthia the final straw was when Nene called her husband (Peter) a bitch.  She would have never called Gregg a bitch.    The two hugged it out and agreed to be friends.

When CityFella gets it wrong, he gets it wrong!

Most of this season, Cynthia has talked about Nene, and how free she was without Nene, and what Nene did to her.      Through most of this, Peter listened quietly.  I assumed ( I know) that he was allowing his wife to vent.    Peter and Nene were tight, and Peter really liked Nene and I assumed ( Yes, I know!) that he was quiet because eventually the two ladies  will repair their friendship.

Who knew, the Bitch called Peter( stay out of womens bizness) was tweeting a whole bunch of negative stuff about Nene!

The next morning the ladies discussed the meeting with their husbands.  Nene speaks to Gregg and talks about re-building trust. He encouraged her to be open and honest so that they can both heal.   She makes him a cup of coffee in his favorite cup that has a toilet tank on it ( I want one) .

Cynthia seems happy that the two are on the mend. However, Peter is anything but pleased.  She tells him, they have made up and he loses it.  With Nene back, their sex life is going to be bad and she is going to end up looking like a punk. (what the hell!)

Whatz fresh in the ATL, is frozen in NYC

I love the ATL and the south.  I’m a big man.  In Cali, I’m Godzilla, in the south I’m big boned.

Cynthia is walking in a show during New York’s Fashion Week for a friend.  She has recently loss weight an looking ATL skinny.   In NYC, not only is she quite a bit older and slower then the others she is NYC fat.   This unnerves and makes her self conscious. Cynthia who incidentally is closing the show, forgoes food.

Lawyering and Weaving

Hairdresser Derek is in trouble, (Not because he is squeezing his chubby feet in some Manolo Blahnik’s)  Its because a former client is accusing him of stealing her hair and replacing it with used hair.  He hires Phaedra to represent him.

Sharon Tucker wants Monster Joyce’s Ass

Todd’s work take’s him out of the ATL.  This time NYC, his home, his turf.  His mom lives in NYC.    Kandi fly’s up to NYC to join him to meet with his mother Sharon.

I sense that he would like her to move to Atlanta to be closer.   But Kandi and Todd know the is one big problem,MONSTER JOYCE!

Sharon Tucker, should have received Bravo’s Miss Congeniality award, if there was one.

The average Mother Tucker, would have beat Monster Joyce’s Ass long ago.    Monster has routinely lied and insulted her only child on TV and in the press.  Monster called her a whore and said his father was a pimp.

Reality in the Restaurant

With replays and reruns, Sharon is still hot.  She wants an apology from Monster.

Kandi: “Well, she’s my mama, so I’m not going to do anything on account of her being my mama”  Nothing  I can do to make her take back what she said.

Sharon says that she will would punch Monster in the mouth.

(Sharon is serious,4 real)

Todd says his mother doesn’t have to be fine with this situation, and being bigger person doesn’t get you very far with Monster Joyce.

(He has the scars to prove it)

Kandi, knows her mother wont be apologizing.

And this kills me, cause Kandi has the cards to make Monster apologize. (Of course any apology coming from Monster Joyce wouldn’t be sincere.  But it would be an apology to Sharon)

Her refusal to demand her mom be accountable is maddening.  Monster has no boundaries what so ever, even when it pertains to Todd’s child.

Kandi writes the checks, buy’s the houses and the cars for Monster.  Tell me she couldn’t get an apology!

At the end of the day, everyone has their limits and one day Todd will reach his.

Kandi: that’ my momma and I love her !

Episode 8- Next Week

 Look’s like Apollo is trying to make nice nice with Phaedra in front of people.   Lawd, you know he is gonna need Jesus!

See ya next week!  


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