Taking Back—–C.O.N.T.R.O.L—–Of my Life!

Are you in control of your life?  Could you spend one day without you phone, PC or electronic gadget?

By CityFella

My life isn’t my own. it’s controlled by electronic devices.  Things I have convinced  myself I need, to get through the day

I need my Kindle tablet to relax,  I download movies and TV shows and when I’m not working,writing.  I watch it on public transit or on planes.  It’s small and compact and a contestant companion when I travel .

This is my three year old antique phone.  The Samsung Sidekick, I dropped one in oil, nearly lost another at the Denver Airport ,and I bought a spare via Ebay.  I don’t talk ,I text with this phone several times a day.  I check my e-mails here, it beeps several times a day, alerting me to shopping and travel deals and news events.  I’m am constantly patting my body I need to know where it is at all times. 

My HP four year old netbook has been my constant travel companion for four years. Cracked and held together with tape is being retired next year.    Its it is my travel companion. . Like my Kindle HD it goes with me everywhere. I have extra charges, plugs, everything.  I am never without back up power.  Cords for rental cars.  These items represent 30% of my baggage.  They are apart of who I am.

 This thing was supposed to make my life easier.

Then there were floppy disks, mice, the need  for protection, files.   I need to by thing to project my  protect my information.  While it has enhanced my life, it has also made my life more complicated and brought a new level of stress.

I  am old enough to remember these days?

No worries of people hacking into my personal letters, or calls.  I didn’t worry about my phone going dead.  There was no phishing back in the day.  I didn’t have to update my phone or Sony with the latest spyware.


Instead of today

 We find other. No interaction other than a move to right or left.

I’m looking for that balance.

Last week a man asked me at Barnes Noble’s, if I could function without my phone.  I sort of gave him a brief smile and returned to my mindless texitng.  I saw the man again in the middle or store. he had a happy calm face.  A lot of people walked by him with their phones in their hands.    I thought about what he said.    If you visit my small apartment, one thing you’ll notice,  I have four separate places where you can charge your phone and that’s just in the living room.  I have one in the bathroom and three in the bedroom.   I’m not looking to move in with a kind hearted Amish family, I am simply looking for balance.     I want to vacation free of my electronics.  People did that for centuries without the need for therapy.   I want to take a walk, without internally panicking because my phone is alone somewhere on a cold table.

Free of my electronic devices

“Just Being”


I saw this on 60 minutes last Sunday.

http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/mindfulness    (Time: 14 minutes)

It made an impact on me.   While I cant afford a retreat on a mountain. I am taking baby step to end the addition.

Yesterday I tried being without sound and distractions for one hour ,it was HELL!!  

My mind kept referring to them wanting to open and turn on.

I like my electronics,  at the very moment I cant function without them.

Sounds odd, doesn’t it!

How long could you function without your I-phone, an hour, day?

Could you go a day without going on the internet?

   Are your electronics controlling you?

  Take a few minutes and watch the video.

My goal is one hour a day.

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