RHOA: Season 7 episode 7 “Nice to Metria” Introducing Demetria McKinney

Demetria McKinney and Roger Bobb  (Google)

Hot Mess: 

When ones thoughts or appearance are in a state of disarray but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness or beauty.
Although Nichole had just awaken, her boyfriend thought she was stunning – she was a hot mess.

Introducing Demetria McKinney 

According to her on and off boyfriend Roger Bobb, Demetria is a very famous actress, and singer.   Some may know her from Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” she was Janine Payne.  (pencils down).

After seven years, few people knew she was in a relationship with Roger Bobb.  Peter and I have known Roger Bobb for years, and we’ve never heard him talk about having a girlfriend,” Cynthia said in her confessional.

Demetria calls on Cynthia (The Bailey Agency) to help her with a video, she is looking for a tall  “chocolate man” or men.

She invites Cynthia to the party she’s having for her music video and when Cynthia says she’ll  bring along her “girlfriends Kenya and Claudia, Demetria tells her she’s a little hesitant about Kenya.

You see, Cynthia, Peter and Kenya took a picture with Roger, the blogs assumed he was with Kenya . Demetria is upset, she feels Kenya should have cleared the rumor.

Messy Kenya,said he, has dated a few of her girlfriends saying friends. “He loves the ladies, and the ladies love him. LL Cool B.
She meets with Roger under the guise of he helping her with her acting career asked bout Demetria.  He confirms their relationship and invites her to Demetria’s video party.

Her manager Roger was a no show at the party.  He had some film editing to complete.

Porsha in her brief appearance throws a little shade (via the confessional) Demetria’s way.   After telling her how gorgeous she was at the party.   In the confessional she said, Demetria and I are friends but no shade, never seen Demetria with the side boob situation before, but the skirt is cute!

Roger is busy, in addition to Kenya he invites Claudia.

Claudia asks why haven’t they gotten married?  In her first epic fail, suggest Demetria forgo the pill under Operation “Trap A Dude” that was soundly rejected by all the women.

Kenya enters late with Brandon.

As you would have guessed,Demetria throws a little dust Kenya’s way about those pictures and why Kenya didn’t deny the roomers about her on again,off again, no one knows their a couple but Roger. Kenya makes nice nice, all the woman have bonded. (We are the World!) instant friends.

The screens throughout the club are blank.  This is the world premiere of her video.     Demetria leaves to find out whats wrong.

The video finally comes on, without sound.  Yikes!!!!

The ladies leave, no goodbyes,gone.   Lets just say friendships come and go.

Hi Bravo, did I miss an episode?

Last week, Sharon Tucker( Todd’s Mom) was going to kick his mother in law’s (Kandi’s mom Monster Joyce) ass and she wanted an apology.

And, wasn’t Peter hyper pissed at Cynthia’s renewing her friendship with Nene?

What happened .

Moving on


Last night, we find Kandi at Aunt Nora’s.  Nora is having a massive cookout.  #bbq

No discussion of the NYC drama.     Its seems to old lady gang has been busy. They tell Monster Joyce what Kandi said about huh man, Benny.

Monster is pissed, HOW DARE KANDI TALK ABOUT HER MAN! She cussed Kandi out and Kandi is over it.  Kandi’s is pissed.  Monster’s, man destroyed  her house, a house she had lived in for years, a house Monster didn’t pay a single dime for and later deemed she didn’t want it. (yeah, I’d be pissed)

Monster is so heated, she tells her sister, Kandi,could take the new house!      

The aunt’s who created the mess, now wants peace at the gathering #bbq   Mother and daughter meets.   Todd is outside playing cards with the fam.

The two meet, both are simmering.  Kandi opens with, she didn’t talk about her man, she talked about how he messed up her house.   Monster in a familiar role, (when ever she is confronted by Kandi with the truth-she becomes a frail old lady) this day she is not arguing, she’s on medicine to keep her from getting an aneurysm and she doesn’t want to argue AND once again, it works Kandi relents and stops talking.

Nene needs a gay man in her life 24/7

“I believe that gays are very special people and I have one
Mrs Nene Leaks
 I know ya’ll are thinking.  Nene, whatz up? With the clothes with the hair?
I’m not sure if she was going here. A thirties flappers look or one of the dance hall girls with a heart of gold from Gunsmoke?
She need a gay man to dress her STAT!
Last night she was wearing a page boy wig with hair from a different planet-that hair didn’t come from earth (just sayin) #badwigday

Nene was on the east coast launching a fashion line on HSN. Her line is for the curvy girls.      It  premiered at midnight and a stressed Nene found it difficult to stay awake.  The good news, Nene’s fashions was a hit.  (Somewhere Sheree is nashing her teeth)


Phaedra visits Kandi’s and a monster of a man opens the door (Let’s call him Melvin because it is his real name) and before you can say boy howdy Kandi is asking some very private questions about her and Apollo.

Phaedra, deflects some of the questions as Kandi presses on.   She tells Phaedra about her cousin Melvin, who is like her son.   Melvin’s dad had been in prison all of his life and no one is the family ever told him the truth.    He shares his story with Phaedra and tells her to be honest with her sons.

At Demetria’s party.  A semi sober Apollo enters hugging everyone including Brandon the man he beat badly last season.

He approches Phaedra and says “you ain’t gonna kiss me?” So she does and gets “that was an ugly kiss” from him. He sits across the way from her and soon he starts shouting at her.    He insist she sits by him and then threatens her saying he can “switch his mode” and pretty much asks for a divorce. 141212_2834227_Next__A_New_Face_in_Atlanta

She says he doesn’t come home to talk to her so he comes to the club to talk to her. Apollo says he could be laying on the couch and she doesn’t say “Hey, babe, I love you” or hug him or lay on him.

It was a very uncomfortable, Ike Turner Moment. 

(It was serious, like he was going to snap)

Look at the picture-Does Phaedra look relaxed to you?

Remember s Whoopi Goldberg’s line in Ghost?

“Girl your in danger”

See you next week


Last Week

Sharon Tucker is Not Playin-Nene Breaks



  1. I don’t like her or Claudia, the entire season has been a disappointment… Not sure I will continue watching, I do like your blog.


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