Lemon Pie in the Dark



This year was different, this year I didn’t pig out at Thankgiving,  This year I didn’t completely black out and eat an entire Chocolate Nativity Scene, includng baby Jesus (for the record-I’m not in the habit of eating baby Jesus’s-the basket was made out of a Cadbury egg-who knew Jesus was in there?).    I’m on Weight Watchers having bits of dessert.

Last weekend I attended a dessert party, where I ate small slices of cakes and pies and drank bottles of water I was very proud of myself.   That was Friday night.   Since Friday, my dreams have been of desserts,  Chocolate houses and Gingerbread cookies dipped in chocolate.    So, yesterday, I thought if I had a black bottom muffin  from Freeport Bakery my cravings would go away.  But no…..      I had a dream about holding up a bakery…..’ I don’t want your cash-I want your eclairs”  of course, if I were going to hold up a bakery…

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