The Holiday sucks if your watching your weight “Lemon Pie in the Dark”


Will Power, yeah bite me bitch!!!!

Everywhere you turn, sugar. Candy Canes, lil Hershey Kisses in holiday Foil and this year I discovered Peppermint Kisses can you say oh mmm gee!   Huge boxes on Mother See’s  on every table . There are assassins at every turn.  ” Oh, this is Christmas have a mega slice of cake’. “ Come on your a big man, that little tart is not going to fill you, here eat 50-you can diet after the holidays

 Why don’t someone just shoot me in the face!!!

A few years ago a lady made one of my favorite desserts in the whole wide world.  We rerun this story every holiday.  

“Hope you enjoy”  

Merry Christmas

This year was different, this year I didn’t pig out at Thankgiving,  This year I didn’t completely black out and eat an entire Chocolate Nativity Scene, including baby Jesus (for the record-I’m not in the habit of eating baby Jesus’s-the basket was made out of a Cadbury egg-who knew Jesus was in there?).    I’m on Weight Watchers having bits of dessert.

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