Mc Merry Christmas

We could give you a glowing picture of a fire place.  A picture of the snowy mountains in Tahoe or a happy, happy family opening Christmas Gifts.


This Kwistmas its all about the Golden Arches.


A Ladies Man

Last week ,23 year old Michael Jenkins of Upper Darby wanted things  HIS way?  The problem was he was at McDonalds not Burger King.  According to reports Mr Jenkins was taken by a employee.(she was phine)  He flirted with her, offered  come back and take her out.  Dude failed, she wasn’t giving him the time of day, I don’t she think she asked to supersize his order.

Jenkins (a playah) reached in the window and grabbed her breasts.  The po po caught up with Jenkins at a nearby bar.  He admitted he was at Mcdonalds and told the cop “he was “A Ladies Man” and told them “the girl wanted him”

The ladies man was charged with indecent assault, public drunkenness, harassment, and disorderly conduct. He was later freed on an unsecured $30,000 bond.


There are consequences

    when you forget my McDouble !

Your in the drive through. You stick your head out of the window and clearly shout out your order.   The person taking your order asks you if every thing on the screen is correct?   You scream YES.  You speed away on the freeway or get all the way home and your short fries or a burger.     Your PISSED beyond belief.    You sigh and go on.

Well on Monday, 21 year old  Demetri Johnson who lives somewhere in Tennessee was beyond pissed.   He turned his car around and went back to the Nashville Mcdonalds and told them he was missing a Double cheese.

A manager at the store asked Mr Johnson if he would park his car and a Cheeseburger would be brought to him.

Guess they weren’t moving fast enough.   Mr Johnson entered the restaurant with a Gun!  he demanded that his McDouble order be fixed. “He and the three women with him also demanded fresh fries and new soft drinks.   They left after they received their order. 

Demetri is on the lamb!    He’s no stranger to the courts., he has previously been arrested for weapons possession and theft.   For his burger,tantrum he is now wanted for felony aggravated assault.    Demetri stay away from Joseph Avenue.


Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas 

Thanks for Reading


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