RHOA: Season 7 Episode 8 ‘Tea With a Side of Squashed Beef’`

We are almost half way to the reunion

Season 7,has little of the fireworks of season 6.  So far it seems clear to me, this is Nene’s swan song and its hers to sing.  She has been ready to bolt for a while now and so for she is going through the motions,including tonight’s contrived meeting with Cynthia and Kenya .  

Speaking of Cynthia, she may have found her voice without Nene.  What has happen to Kandi, is she becoming Monster light?  If there is any mess this season, Kandi is nearby.

Porsha should follow Nene I don’t see her story line going anywhere soon.  So what were left with is Phaedra and Kenya. While Kenya will give us one before the season ends, Phaedra’s story line is cloudy.

Its too early to say which new housewife is gonna break out. While I like Claudia, my money is on Demetria McKinney, within 15 minutes she was a hot mess. From her mysterious relationship with Roger Bobb to the epic mess at her Video Premier, can we say star?  

The next housewife should be Monster Joyce, that a scary old lady, her voice can go from shrill to I will cut out his heart and fry it scary.  On the hate meter,she is a close second to Kenya.

Phaedra Makes Her Case and should avoid The Waffle House

They have got to move this Apollo stuff on, the world already knows hot its going to end.   Phaedra meets with her mom at a restaurant.   This is the day after the humiliating public show out by Apollo. .  Her mother asks have they tried to talk about it.  She says, Apollo blames here for every thing.  He rejected every idea she had. Its clear Phaedra has love for Apollo, but she’s tired.  He wanted to keep up with her.  Then he should have married a less successful person, a person at the Waffle House.  She says when he goes to jail, she wont have to worry about him being in accident and his goings on.  She goes on to make a very valid point. .  With his sentencing days away it would seem that he would wont to spend his last moments with his sons.

Kandi,Monster and the Old Lady Gang

Kandi and Monster meets with her aunt’s Nora and Bertha at Nora’s house for Lunch.  Kandi has just bought Monster a new house.  Monster refuses to give Kandi a key to the new house unless Kandi gives her a key to her home.  Nora’s comment about being appreciative for getting a home is lost on Monster.

The story shifts to New York and Sharon.    Kandi, not missing a beat tells them that Sharon is still hot over Monsters’ comment about being a whore and wanting an apology.   If that wasn’t enough, she gets messy ( her theme this season) goes on to tell them about Sharon wanting to punch Monster ( Like who wouldn’t pay money to see that?) Of course this rattles Monster and the Old Lady Gang.  Monster is clear, there will be no apology.

In her office Kandi and Todd talk about the play (A mothers love) and slow ticket sales.  Kandi, shares what happen with Monster and the Old Lady Gang.       He lightly checks Kandi asking   “But really, do you think you should have told your mom that?”  You can see Todd is over it.  Just over it.  Monster is the center of the drama,and he is tired of taking the high road.   So he proposes  separate Holidays in New York with his mother.  Why should he continually accept Monsters bad behavior.  Kandi is in disbelief, she wants Todd to keep putting on a brave face.  In Kandi’s fashion, instead of talking about it, she walk out.

Welcome to Atlanta

Cynthia takes Claudia to Derek J’s salon for an Atlanta makeover, its seems she’s too casual for the ATL.   Later we see her again picking up her mother and grand mother at the airport, for their first visit to Atlanta.   She has  talked about her difficulty being biracial in her home town of Providence.  Her 90 year old grand mother is a hoot.   At the restaurant her grand mother tells her granddaughter she  lovers her however her mother doesn’t.   its an ongoing issue between the two of them, slow fade.

Nene and the chat

Once again, we have to visit the Fashion Moguls fashion.   I’ve join the blogger chorus.  Nene what’s going on?  Last night , the cut off shorts which may be too short short and then there is the hair. The hair!   Whatz up with that wig baby? that wig that wig! that wig! in the confessional and out of the confessional-Queen Latifia was wondering what happen to her Mama Morton wig.  Come on Nene! 

We begin with Nene entering a restaurant. She tells the person, she is looking for someone with a big weave AND they take her directly to Porsha. At the restaurant Nene suggested a  meeting with the girls having problems with each other.  She and Cynthia and Porsha and Kenya.   (Ok,she gave Bravo a bone. We know Nene could care less about Kenya)

At the restaurant with drinks all around,  Nene and Cynthia still have unfinished business.   They haven’t healed from the last meeting.  No calls have been exchanged and its still tense. Kenya appoints herself facilitator and helps the discussion to a point.  The Nene-Cynthia relationship is genuine.  It isn’t a made for TV friendship and as in last week the other two ladies leave them alone to talk.  There are soft feelings here and more for Nene.  When Kenya and Porsha returned Kenya suggested the two meet for lunch.  Nene said maybe in a year or two.

One thing was clear last night is Porsha is pissed.  She and Cynthia were able to iron out their differences.  However when it came to Kenya, the anger is fresh and deep. Her dust up with Kenya cost her standing in the show.   However for the cameras, it was suck it up or fuck it up !   Kenya, walked over to Porsha (which was a very bold move )and says  (TV Ready) “I’m over this, I forgive you, I take full responsibility for my part…and I’m willing to move on.  Porsha Responds (also TV Ready)  “If you’re accepting it, I can,”    Bullshit!

Last Week

Introducing Demetria McKinney


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