RHOA: Season 7 Episode 9 “50 Shades of Shade” Yo Man Gets Around


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Excuse me ladies and gentlemen as I stroll up to the mountaintop and scream.



I think I feel better…..   Last night, we finally get to see all the Housewives  together at a party.  Which you know, will not end well for one of the housewives, they never do.

” Cynthia’s Vision” another mans junk IS just junk!

Last nights episode began with Cynthia and Peter looking for a new home for BAR ONE.   Cynthia makes it very clear,the owners NOT THEM defaulted on their mortgage and they have to look for a new Home.

Peter’s ventures has been losers.  Remember, Cynthia moved from NYC to be Peter and invested her cash into UPTOWN which went belly up.       Next was Bar One.   ( I’m not from Atlanta, as a fan I visited Bar One-it was in a sketchy neighborhood at best-I  was worried about my  Hertz Ford Focus) .

What we saw last night needed much more than TLC, It needed a Roach Bomb.  Floors cracked in fact everything is cracked and broken,  discarded  car tires, garbage everywhere AND in the back is a freeway, for those quiet moment’s   Cynthia glowed and had a vision-the location is going to be next big thing.  Well next door is a funeral home.   Doing her Best Tammy Wynette, she says her money is their Money!

Pheadra’s Shocking Desire

Phaedra is clearly planning for the future.  She is building a fence slash gate for privacy.  As she is meeting the designer, contractors and one other man.  Apollo drives up.  Wanting to be the man in charge.   He feels is he isn’t needed.  He will be,Bubba is waiting. Meanwhile, Phaedra is asking if the fence could be electrified?  Is she concerned about outsiders or Apollo?   I could talk about the Phaedra award, but my fingers will cramp up.

Could Nene be convincing -playing the evil stepmother? 

Her manager Steven calls.  There are potential Broadway roles for her in Chicago, Rock of Ages and Cinderella.  She’s  is clearly excited about the first two but hesitant about Cinderella. because for some reason everyone thinks Nene playing the evil stepmother is a huge stretch.    (Feel free to Laugh out loud here)

Well she took the part and is a HUGE hit on Broadway.

Here is a short diversion before we get to the juicy Stuff

Kenya has a facial with her aunt and they talk about the grand meeting with Nene, Porsha,Kandi and Cynthia.

Moving on.

Claudia meets with Kandi at her headquarters making friends and agreeing to appear on Kandi’s  sex talk show Kandi Koated Nights. Get drunk says too much including French Kissing Kandi for $500.

Moving on.


As you know, when the ladies get together for an intimate chat or girl talk its never ends well.

Note:  No bean bag chairs were harmed in this episode.

The event is at Kandi’s home and unlike last seasons pillow talk this party is for women only.     All the housewives are their including the newbies Claudia and Demetria.

This being Kandi’s event you know there is good eats and neckid women on tables.     In addition to the housewives, Kandi has invited some personal friends.

Nene’s Hyper Bitch Shade

There is no middle ground with Nene.  She will either raise the party or weigh it down.    This night she brought her largest umbrella and unleashed her brand of bitchy shade on nearly everyone there.

She entered the Kandi’s place with tude.  Kandi, this is the first time you’ve been here, yes, says Nene, I thought I was in South Carolina.

Last week, she and Kenya were friends laughing and joking,  last night she deflects a hug from Kenya and says they’re not friends.

Claudia’s went to shake her hand and Nene blows her off.   In some parties that may have elicited “bitch was is your problem“? But Claudia pulls her aside,  like wait a minute!   I’m not the one!  You could see this throws Nene a bit because people rarely calls her out on her BS.

 Claudia tells Nene she felt like she gave her the cold shoulder and Nene  responds, “That’s just Nene.”   With that Claudia says “Alright Nene, bye.    After making up last week Nene ignores Cynthia who seems to be over it.    She’s seen the Nene Show and keep’s her distance.

Buckle Up!

Unlike last’s years Pillow Talk,  Kandi brings in sex-pert, Dr. Rachel who asks everyone to go around and talk about their relationship history.

One by one they share the relationship history.  Nene talks about her marriage to Gregg, Porsha says she has a new Nigerian  boyfriend (and Claudia says Porsha’s boyfriend has about 20 other Porshas -I love that), and Demetria talks about her eight year on-again-off-again relationship with Roger Bobb.  She mentions his magnificent “D”  Kandi warns her-like gurrrl dont say that!  ( I’m reminded of an old Millie Jackson song-where she says, the woman was talking about how good her mans “D” was that they wanted to tested out themselves)

Demetria professes her love for Roger Bobb  she explained that she met him on the show “House of Payne” and they had to keep their affair on the DL. She says they’ve been dating for eight years, but taken some breaks,  One of Kandi’s friends asks Demetria about one of those brakes.

 Because  SHE(the friend)  was dating him two Novembers ago and when she heard that he had been in Las Vegas with Demetria, he told her Demetria was “just his artist.”

Can we say awkward?

So they move on too Kenya. Who is laughing and like the others a bit taken back by the semi new revelation.

BTW: Kenya Moore was instrumental in getting  Keisha (Rudy Huxtable) Knight Pulliam fired on the Celebrity Apprentice 

Click on Link Below to read about Kenya Moore’s  first Kill on  last nights Celebrity Apprentice


Demetria grabs her purse and leaves the room. Cynthia goes to talk to her and Demetria

Background: No one in Atlanta knew she was Roger Bobb’s  were in a relationship.  Even  many of his friends were unaware of the relations.   Most  people believed Roger was single and saw him out with other women during the time she said they were in a relationship.

Of course Demetria thinks the woman is lying…….

Much more to come.  What are your thoughts?



“Monster Joyce is still a Monster”