Calling on the Lord-Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell Goes to Prison Feb 9th for Corruption


” I have immense faith in the justice system.  I have tremendous faith and trust in the providence of the Lord Jesus Christ and his ability to meet out justice and that is my hope for ultimate vindication.  I know his love never fails ,it never gives up”

(Former Governor Bob McDonnell)

His statement after sentencing

Its was all about the cash, the vacations, the Rolex and other trinkets.  Last September Virginia’s 71st Governor was found guilty on 11 out of 13 federal charges.

It was her!  It was her!

In court, he attempted to throw his wife underneath the Bus, but prosecutors saw threw it.   He received two years,much shorter than the 10 to 12 years that prosecutors had started the day asking for.

He believes he is innocent and is calling on the courts and the Lord for help.

His wife Maureen, will be sentenced next month.  She was found guilty on 9 of 13 charges. No report on who she will be calling on.

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