Celebrity Apprentice Season 14 Episode 3 “Vivica A Fox is the Real Thing Period!

First thing first…  In the Humor Department its Gilbert Gottfried, and Brandi Gladville. While Gottfriend is in your face Glanville is subtle in fact, I don’t think she realizes what she says.   On Sunday, I missed this completely………


Here is the set up:  Claudia Jordan came in to buy a pie and insisted on throwing the pie in Kenya Moore’s face.     Kenya took the pie and shoved it in Brandi’s face.   Of course Brandi is not happy.

The Line:  “I do not like to be sticky. Unless I’m with a super hot guy and then it’s okay.” 


In the third episode last night.     The task was about creating a product-tasting presentation for frozen foods.    Vivica A Fox was the team caption for Infinity and Terrell Owens was team captain for Vortex.

It was clear, the men were intimidated by Mr Geraldo Rivera.

Vivica R Fox ain’t got time Period!

Early in the task,  Shawn Johnson wasn’t feeling well and her reduced speed wasn’t sitting well with M’s Vivica R Fox.   Fox is the opposite of teammate, Kate Gossling, she is organized and laser focused and she ain’t got time for weaklings, if your leg is broken ,you bes just suck it up.

In the boardroom, when The Don asked is there anyone on her team she would like replaced?  She said Shawn.  She (delicately) said because Shawn checked out-she was not herself. The Don countered, did she have a monthly woman’s problem?  Fox is pissed “She got her damm period!”      (Can you say-Hello Everybody!)

Mr Rivera Says

The men were in trouble early on.  Everyone was tip toeing around Geraldo.  The man was constantly talking  about himself in third person.   Owens asked everyone to write something about themselves and the product.   Gottfried the king of ad lib struggled.  During the presentation, he took a hard left and started talking about having sex with his wife.  (oops)

Owens, Rivera (his second visit) and Gottfried in the boardroom.   Gottfried was canned by The Don.

As of this episode Rivera and Fox are the ones to beat.


Episode 2 The Rise of Geraldo Rivera’s Ego