RHOA: Season 7 Episode 10 Puerto Read Co. ” Claudia (Miss Jordan if you Reading) takes Nene to School

Read (def)

n. a taunt or mockery. A phrase or word used to mock someone in a humorous way.
When she said that you should have taken the receipt with your haircut, that was a read.       (Urban Dictionary)



Ladies and Gentleman, Gentleman and Ladies.


Last night RHOA was off the hook.   It has no read-deaming qualities what so ever.  It was not an episode of  Downton Abbey.    It was bad housewives, shady housewives, doing it the way that ONLY Atlanta can.   Now if you are unclear about read-ding. Then you should watch this episode twice.  

This should be a required episode and shared with friends.

This was some juicy shit……(sorry had to use the S-word)

I first want to get this out of the way.  While Nene is a hot mess, Phaedra is looking hott.

Moving on.

We begins with Kenya and Cynthia was talking about the Kandi’s sex party and Nene’s rudeness.   Cynthia said in Puerto Rico she didn’t know if Nene or Nay Nay would show up.

Athens Shade, Phaedra Style 

Nene went to the studio to give Demetria a bit of dating advice and she asks Phaedra to meet her there.   Phaedra or Shadra cant help herself ,reading and shade is in her DNA.

She asks Demetria what she did?  Demetria says she never wanted to act, she always wanted to sing.  Phaedra asks, why didn’t she do when she was a little tulip, a little flower.

The conversation shifts to her relationship with Roger Bobb,  they have been dating on and off for 8 years.    “ It’s been 8 years, what is he waiting for, you to get a liver transplant?  Demetria played a crack head on TV, and Phaedra asks if she did crack?

(seed planted)

Puerto Rico

Everyone is traveling to Puerto Rico to attend Demetria’s concert. Demetria is or Big Bobb is paying for all the expenses.

The $80,000 handbag

The first to arrive to Puerto Rico is Kandi, Porsha and Demetria.   Porsha man buys her an EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLAH purse. (You can buy a house in Athens for that kinda money)   No body is mad at cha Porsha.

They arrive in PR and once again, the boyfriend Roger Bobb is not attending.  This doesn’t sit well with Porsha.   Your man should be here!    I rather have a good, good man than a bag.  Kandi said, you should let her talk to Bobb, she’s good at talking to men, she can talk a man out of an eighty thousand dollar bag. 

In Puerto Rico, Demetria tells the ladies she isn’t cool with Shadra and shares the crack head story.  They advised her, not to worry that who she is .

The Three Amigos land 

Kenya, Cynthia, and Claudia. They meet up with the other ladies. Demetria once again. shares the crack story.  Kenya, says she should stand up to Phaedra.  All is well, but a storm is coming.



Bring up the Rear (You snooze, you loose)



Nene and Phaedra are the last to arrive. Once in the hotel they meet Demetria’s glam squad.  Shadra shade, didn’t go un-noticed by the glam squad.      Nene and Phaedra complains about their small room. (Did anyone mention Free?)  Porsha, shares the crack story with Phaedra and throws a little shade Phaedra’s way.  She tells Phaedra she looks like a school teacher.



Open your Umbrellas its Dinner Time at Shady INN



At dinner its tense.  The sides are drawn…. Cynthia, Claudia Demetria and Kenya on one side.  Nene, Phaedra on the other and sitting in Switzerland is Kandi.

Kenya notices, no one says thank you to Demetria who brought them there.  
Demetria takes Porsha’s and Kandi advice and asks for a bit of clarity and then its off.   Phaedra is only being honest and a good friend.(un huh -bless her heart!)
Demetria to Phaedra:  The only thing we have in common is the number eight, mine is coming and yours is going.   Meanwhile, further down the table, there is a new pot on the stove, and its already warm.   Nene.

Cynthia attempts to defuse the situation between Demetria and Phaedra  and suggests apologizing and moving on.   Nene (clearly still pissed at Cynthia) disagrees.

Nene slowly morphs into Nay Nay.

Ladies and Gentleman Miss Claudia Jordan

Normally when Nay Nay emerges. People get quiet and wait until Nay Nay get tired.   Nay Nay is mean, low, will talk about you great grand mama. She doesn’t care. and never apologies.  After all you made her do it!  
Claudia and Demetria are new to the bitchy circle.
After Nene bit into Cynthia the other women were silent, waiting for hurricane Nene to settle down.
Apparently Claudia didn’t get the memo!
She jumped full force into the eye of the hurricane, unleashing Nay Nay!
She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  She wanted closure for Phaedra and Demetria and to move on.
Nay Nay wasn’t feeling it, and was determined to put the newbee in her place-how dare she challenge the Queen !
Nay Nay got into the dirt and went for the juggler
Said Claudia slept with every d in Hollywood.
Said C was jealous of her success
C countered you mean those Cancelled shows you where on.
(Did someone hear a crack?)
(I heard it)
It was Nay Nay’s Universe
(The circle was in shock-Demetria’s face was on the floor-no one moved or smiled)
Claudia (Miss Jordan if your Reading)
Was just warming up and was as cool as a mint julep on a hot day.
Nay Nay talked about the woman’s Pussy
( the things you can say on TV )
and her bankruptcy.
C proudly said yes, I worked hard and never had to get on a pole!
C also did her homework and said She was never arrested
(Boy the things we learned)
Nay Nay said yes that happened over 20 years ago. When she  was in college and she college educated
C asked her to spell Bridesmaids
(this got a quick smile from Kenya)
Claudia had Nay Nay and didn’t break a sweat.
Both ladies are in their forties but C told her she looked twenty years older.



She had Nay Nay on the ropes….



Took the Queen Down!

Left Nay Nay babbling, making no sense at all!
Who Knew?
My question was the queen dethroned or tired ?
Looking Forward To Next Week
I wanna hear your thoughts……..

Last Week

Demetria, Yo man gets Around!

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  1. I am so glad that someone finally put Ms Nay Nay in her place. I am so tired of her Rich A (Ha Ha Ha) always being mean and Condescending. Most wealthy people don’t need to (or rather feel compelled not to) discuss their value. There are more American Millionaires today than ever before. She is a Celebrity who acts badly often. Kudos to Ms. Jordan, you said what we were all thinking.


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