Celebrity Apprentice Season 14 Episode 4: Housewife Hatred

Beverly Hills and Atlanta are Not sister Cities. And the Geraldo Rivera you don’t want to see! (Trust me)  BUT were gonna show ya anyway. 

 No love from New York to 90210. Kenya Moore wont be having tea with Brandi Glanville and deep down inside Ian Ziering hates, despises Geraldo Rivera.

The task on the forth installment of Celebrity Apprentice was to develop a four-page fitness editorial to be featured in the “hot and healthy” pages of Cosmopolitan magazine as well as on their body app, with judgment based on originality, creativity, and overall presentation.

Johnny Damon was the Project Manager for Vortex and Jamie Anderson was the Project Manager for Infinity.

Jamie Anderson is young, and indecisive she’s Colorado’s mountain girl(what ever the hell that is?) She is sweet and annoying.   Johnny Damon loves his sexy wife.

Both housewives wanted to be the model for spread.  Brandi made snarky comments about Kenya’s Boo-tay. (is it real or developed by Fisher-price?)   Kenya: “You want a stick figure in your ads, when you can have all this woman? “B*tch is dumb as rocks.”

Kenya Moore took pictures for the women.

On the men’s side, there was all kinda ego-envy.  Geraldo Rivera’s idea to do a selfie-based concept, with the Terrell Owens’ slogan, “Love Your Selfie Naked.” and they went for it

 At one point, Geraldo thought he would show Johnny how to properly pose with his wife and held Johnny just a little too long (Lets just say the men all paused) .

Johnny took some steamy provocative pictures with his wife. (after all this is Cosmo).  Not to be left out, Ian took pictures with is wife. (Less steam, more AARP)   When Terrell Owens revealed his natural attributes the men paused again.

Lorenzo Lamos did the shoot

Determined to re-create his famous neckid selfie (not sure why it was famous. Good ole Geraldo Rivera comes a walkin from stage right in his boxer briefs, pumpin iron (he look like he was getting ready for the Barney Fife Follies)  getting ready for his selfie.

Please, no letters!

At the end of the day, the men won.  The woman lack of continuity was their downfall.

In the Boardroom, Jamie’s indecisiveness was her downfall.   Most of the women blamed Kate Gossling and Brandi Glanville for the teams problems.

Jamie desided to bring  Kate and Kenya to the final meeting. Outside the boardroom Jamie changed her mind (dead mountain girl walking) and thought she should have brought Brandi instead. La Don agreed, but it was too late.


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Vivica Fox don’t give a John Claude van Damm about your Period!

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