RHOA: Season 7 Episode 11″Divide and Ki-Ki “Claudia: two steps forward and five steps back”

EPISODE 11, opened where 10 ended.    

” WE are all clear”

Claudia dragged Nay,Nay up and down the street  by her glued hair….



Then the two groups separated, Claudia, Cynthia, Demetria and Kenya went to there respective camps  and reviewed details of the evening.

The Next Day……..

With Nay Nay laying down somewhere with a cold compress.  Nene was a bit remorseful.

Phaedra, was also a bit remorseful.  One group goes shopping  and the other drinking,celebrating Claudia’s win.

Demetria meets with Phaedra and apologizes for the Apollo comment and Phaedra went shade less for a couple of minutes, and it seems the two has patched their differences.(for now)

In the evening ,Kandi, is on the beach for a re-do on her party.  All the ladies are in attendance.  It seem to be a short advertisement for her bedroom Kandi… The ladies play a game (a form of pot potato) but instead of a potato a dildo was used.

Performance Day

Two Steps Forward, Nine Steps Back

    (NOTE: Is it me, or the TV.  After all that talk about Nene glued on hair, Nene has become the hat lady even under an umbrella at the beach)

 The two groups are still divided. At the beach, Kandi is determined to get some dirt with her question and answer game.  What does your man call you during sex?  Porsha  responses I like to call myself names. Kandi, throwing shade, what to you call yourself, mistress? the other woman? (Pow!)   Then every bodies curious about the mystery African.  (Ah didn’t go through this last year, with Kenya’s mystery African.)   Unlike Kenya Porsha, has a pay day. an 80k purse and a Rolls. (Dont hate on her game)

Nene (with her hat on)she says she wakes up every morning she really wakes up wanting to have a good day I want to get along with all of you guys.   Kandi says she wish she was as quick as Nene said when she gets home she regrets what she’s said.

Across town the other three chatted in the pool.

The bus ride to the concert began with a positive.  With the women say they wouldn’t never take away another womens accolade.  Then Claudia dropped her crown.  She could have basked in the glow of her bitch slapping the queen, BUT no!    EVAN after getting very rare-never recorded Nene (hell defrosted) apology, Claudia insisted in recapping the night.

And like Nay Nay the night before, she attacked anyone from the opposing team.  She seem to want to revisit every element of the fight. . Nene continued to apologize. Then  Claudia set her sights on Porsha, after Porsha basically said hey, Nene apologized lets move one.   Claudia pounced on Porsha saying the man who bought her the car was a married African.  THEN Kenya, jumps in (huh?).  Kenya: The issue that she’s having ,did you know that Porsha’s Rolls Royce came from a married man. Then Cynthia blurted , You know about that African guy Nene?  Unfortunately in defending herself Porsha gave us one (your such a contradictory).  Claudia agrees to be peaceful in the club.

Claudia hangs on to her crown, but it was Nene who showed Class.

CP Time

Demetria pays for their travel, their accommodations to attend her concert and they show up 20 minutes late.  Thank you Ladies and or Bravo.  Can you say classless…..


Your thoughts?

Last Week

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