Celebrity Apprentice Season 14 Episode 6: I Wish I had a Project Mangers. ” Its Sistahs not Sistahs : Vivica vs Kenya ( A sole was lost)

Hello “Joan Rivers”, this episode was filmed before her untimely death .

On this episode ” I which I had a Project Manager” she served as an adviser.

Special guest: The late Joan Rivers made a special appearance as a guest judge on the episode

The task this episode was to create a market event  Ivanka Trump’s shoes, which are sold exclusively in Nordstroms.

The Hunt for Sig Hansen’s Penis

A quote from Mr Hansen: All of our tasks has been so feminine lately that I can’t find my Penis in the morning”     Wandering minds ” Did he have a problem finding it before the tasks?”  Oh by the way, somewhere in tasks, he reminded his teammates to “keep it classy.


The Project Manager for team Vortex was Vivica Fox . Like her team mate Geraldo Rivera, this is her second time being project manager.   Project Manager for Infinity was Atlanta’s own Kenya Moore.

Ladies and Gentleman, its time for the Geraldo Moment

Brought to you by Geraldo “A man of his mind”

You know I have a BIG PERSONALITY.  I tend to dominate in the intial stages. To get out there to see how people respond. 

My mind is like a Volcano.  Its constantly spewing.  I am amazed by my endless creativity.     ” I didn’t mean that to be egotistical. 

Too Late Mr Rivera

As project manager, Kenya shot off.  She was organized  and very focused, she wanted to create a Nordstrom’s environment with a Baby Grand Piano and an chandelier, Leeza Gibbons was concerned that the Piano and Chandelier would not appeal to the Millennial’s, Ivanka’s target audience.


Sugah Pie Honey Bunch ( Can’t Help Myself)

I hate you and Nobody Else

Bravo Housewives Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore hate each other and they’re not on the same show.   It seem to begin and go on Twitter and Facebook. Kenya went after Brandi before the task started, she later complimented Brandi but had to finish it off with a swipe.”She worked well with others this time”    Brandi said, she thought Kenya did a good job.

“This is one of many examples of people who should be banned from Social Media”


Vivica didn’t seem as focused, both teams were unprepared for the spaces they had to work with. Her team created a cafe environment with small tables serving coffee to the public.   Early on Kate and Shawn had little faith and knew they would be in the board room.

In the boardroom, Kenya was victorious. The liked her slogan: “Power of the sole. Vivica was more coffee shop than shoes.  As expected she brought Kate and Shawn


“Don’t cha make my Brown Lips Brown”

In the boardroom Vivica to Ivanka: Sometimes its just that one key element which we failed to deliver to make Nordstrom a little bit more.   We focused so much on you, your beauty, your amazing and that what we honed on. 

Early on,Shawn admitted she was afraid to be project manager.

In the board room,Vivica said Kate was the weakest link.  However, it was Shawn who’s loose lips sunk her own ship.  She talked about what she would do if she was leader.    Later Shawn.



“I hate you too”