CoachGate comes to an end? It’s Jail for Former Fox 40 anchor Sabrina Rodriguez

It was nearly two years ago when Sabrina Rodriguez and her boyfriend Nicholas Gray walked into the Coach store at the Folsom Premium Outlets.  Surveillance video shows the TV anchor distracting staff as her then boyfriend stole 11 wallets worth $2500.

This Morning, Ms Rodriguez plead No Contest . She will serve 60 days in the Sacramento County Jail  She will be on three years informal probation.

Is Coachgate over? What about the Fire and the Text messages?  Will she Testify Against her Former Boyfreind? Things that make you go Hmm?  Click the Link to see more….

Rodriguez was originally facing three felony counts, but one of those was dropped to a misdemeanor and the other two felonies were dismissed.

Despite her plea, she maintains she’s innocent. She was also ordered to pay $2,484 in restitution to the Folsom Coach store.

Last August, she said her Attorneys were confident. See Video

Later today, she will testify in Nicholas Grey’s trial . Report’s say he boasted about shoplifting 200,000 in clothing in a two month span.    She dumped him after her arrest.  Nicholas has been in jail since August.  Will he incriminate her in other crimes?   She is to report to jail on March 5th.

 Stay tuned



  1. This burns me. They gave her a slap on the wrists because she’s a celebrity. They give my cousin 6 months for stealing a watch.


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