RHOA: Season 7 Episode 12 “Beauties in the Fast Lane” Kenya found her calderon and is stirring up trouble

Kenya Moore is a very intelligent beautiful woman. Why don’t I trust her?  (We’ll get back to her later)

Demetria Who?

Episode 12, the ladies return from Puerto Rico with their views of the trip.  No one mentions Demetria.  You know the woman,who paid everyone’s trip.   No one mentions her performance.     “Aren’t they just the BEST FRIENDS EVER?                                                (Try saying it like a 16 year old with a Kim Kardashian complex)

Nene’s last season? 

When Gregg ask’s Nene did she have any fun?   She feels being around this group of girls is negative and doesn’t work for her.   Nene tells him of the fight and he says,  oooh Nay Nay popped out for a minute I thought you left her at home.  Nene tells him she apologized to Claudia at least 15 times.  Gregg response was.  Is she slow?  Gotta love Gregg and his slow drawl.  He is Nene cheer leader with shade of his own.

Nene’s Ass handed

Cynthia tells Peter(the other unofficial housewife) and her sister Malorie, Nene’s new besties are Porsha and Phaedra. She tells them Claudia handed Nene her ass.   Peter is a fan.  In Puerto Rico its clear Nene isn’t interested in reconciling their friendship and she gets that.  The world famous friendship contract between Nene and Cynthia went up a flames.

Baby,Baby, Bae Bae?

Kandi and Todd visit a fertility clinic to test is seed.  They’re Doctor is a very sarcastic Dr Jackie. At home ,the blended family 11 year old Riley and 18 year old Kayla aren’t talking. No drama, but Riley spends most of her time in her fantastic room.    Riley also think Kandi is too old to have a child.  Kandi gives Todd a Corvette for his birthday and the good news, his swimmers are fine.

Apollo comes clean

With his prison date set.  Apollo is out with his sons Ayden and Dillon.    He is attempting to tell Ayden where is going.   Ayden has missed is father who has reportedly spent little time with his sons after the conviction. When Apollo asks what if he couldn’t come home right now?  Ayden said he would come to  visit  him and stay forever!

(Damm,as a dad, I know he feels smaller than a pin head for staying away)

For the first time, he comes clean and says sorry that it happen  he put himself to be a position to be taken away from his sons and hopefully they will come see him.  Its all very sad.

Hair it is 

Phaedra is defending hairdresser Derek J.  Who has been accused of stealing hair from a client.  Derek is counter suing..    Phaedra, when are we gonna see you with a real case?


Peter, Cynthia and Kordell Steward( Porsha ex husband for those new to RHOA) is opening a sports bar in Charlotte, three hours east of Atlanta.  Cynthia invites Claudia, Kenya, Phaedra to drive to Charlotte.  She tells Kenya she is bringing clothes for Claudia because there is going to be  available men.  What? they dont like her taste in clothes? Moving on.

Phaedra forgets she had a dental appointment and has a bible study. (uh huh).

Kenya is fun, a bit too much, but never boring  From mooning traffic to twirling.  They arrive in Charlotte well after the bar is open.

Everyone is mingling and Kordell Stewart runs into Claudia they hug  after a few seconds it clear there is chemistry.   Kenya asks Kordell if he is dating someone? Kordell responds with a yeah.  Claudia asked if he would get married again?  yes” There is someone out there .      (Women are tough)

Kenya: I think this is really interesting, when I see you two, you seem real comfortable with each other (they both smile) in there a date between the two of you in the future.


This is where I started at the beginning. If this came from anyone other than Kenya, I would say, she is being a good friend, helping out her girlfriend.  But this is Kenya Moore.   Who (wait for the shameless plug) is being nasty on Celebrity Apprentice (Check out my reviews tomorrow night.)

Most people think Phaedra is her natural enemy.  I think its Porsha, the former Mrs Kordell Steward.   Those two has had an contentious relationship, not to leave out Porsha is young ,no one will be buying Kenya a Rolls Royce or an $80,000 purse anytime soon.    What would really get Porsha?  Seeing her ex with Claudia!


Claudia is a bit uncomfortable with the prospect of dating Kordell, she works with Porsha and dating an X  isn’t done.   She tells Kordell she works with his x and he is unfazed.

The two trade telephone numbers , Claudia sets the ground rules.   “No calling late at night.”

Okay, I’m liking Claudia, with the exception of Kandi, she doesn’t take herself too serious.  She is able to make fun of herself and those feet.

Somewhere in the night Kenya is stirring  her cauldron making a potion for Kordell and Claudia, just to piss off Porsha.


Next Week?

Is Apollo finally going to Jail ? Is Derek J wearing animal prints to court?

Last Week

Claudia Had It All-But Her Gums  Couldnt Let her Enjoy The Smackdown.


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