Celebrity Apprentice Season 14 Episode 8:’It’s Like a Booze Cruise With Knowledge’ (Man Overboard)


The task was a Circle Line event.  To create an themed event on the boat.  The invited guests would determine which team wins.

The Project Manager for team Vortex is Sig Hansen and Brandi Glanville led for team Infinity.

Vortex stormed out of the gate limping.  Geraldo had a ton on ideas, none were appealing to Kate and Vivica. Kate knew how to work him and actually got him to change direction. Sig knew someone at Hooters  and he and Geraldo like the idea of Hooters Girls . The teams theme was  The Sexist Catch.  The ladies especially Kate Gosling didn’t like the idea she felt the girls could be polarizing for some women and couples.

Infinity chose theme Manhattan Mardi Gras but Brandi didn’t like the theme because it sound more New Orleans and changed it to Big Apple Bonanza.


Infinity had a party atmosphere. The had dancers musicians, and magicians  Leeza Gibbons as a tour guide kept it light and fun ..Kenya performed her song “Gone with the wind Fabulous”  complete with dancers.  All went well until Kenya made a sharp left turn and started gyrating on the floor.


After you Screw the Terrorist…….

Let’s begin with a full melt down.  PM Sig Hansen, lost it, the bartenders were late.  After lil screaming, and slamming his teammates were able to calm him down

The Vortex boat was filled with Hooter Girls in their trademarked orange shirts. Vivica and Kate kept it light and fun.  Sig slowed it down a bit as he interviewed some of the Hooter girls.

As tour guide Geraldo knew a lot of details and a lot of facts.  His brain is amazing, however, he couldn’t make those details entertaining.  As the boat went by the World Trade Center he said ‘ Screw The Terrorist-We’ve Won”.


We have the Results

In the Boardroom.  With all the guest comment cards were tallied .  Guest on Vortex boat loved the Music and the Food. They didn’t like Geraldo and a lot of the females did not like the Hooter Girls.

Guest on Infinity’s boat loved the Party Atmosphere but was confused about Kenya’s performance.

Sig was fired.


Last Week

Kenya Moore deep dark and Nasty