Celebrity Apprentice Season 14 Episode 9: It’s On “Meow Mix” Kenya Moore vs Vivica Fox “Stop it Baby!”

CELEBRITY APPRENTICE -- Episode 1409 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kenya Moore, Geraldo Rivera, Vivica A Fox, Kate Goseelin -- (Photo by: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC)

Vivica Fox to Kenya Moore

Bring it Bitch!

“Every Season there is one Episode-This IS the Episode”

 Let’s be very very clear.  Vivica Fox is not the one.  Last week, Kenya Moore got low down dirty on Brandi Glanville.  It was uncalled for Nasty.  It made everyone uncomfortable, even La Don  But Vivica isn’t Brandi…..  Read on.


Teflon Man

No one this season has been in the board room more than Geraldo Rivera.  Vortex has lost three tasks in a row and the man with the solid jaw is still standing, Leeza Gibbons calls him the Teflon man.With the latest loss, Vortex is down a person.  They wanted Ian or Leeza, who they got was Kenya Moore. (Brandi did a little dance)

” Stay Friendly with her,she can be vicious!” Donald Trump describing Kenya Moore

“Da Task”

Create a theme ,interactive environment for Trump International  Doral.  The teams would be rated on Creativity and Brand Integration.

Project Manager for team Vortex is Kate Gossling.  Infinity Ian Ziering.

At Vortex, Geraldo came up with theme and name for a Mascot called the Blue Monster after a section of the golf course.   Kate assigned Vivica and  Kenya the task of shopping for props.  Kenya would have preferred being part of the design process.   At one point, they were running out of time.   Kenya wanted to return, Vivica wanted to make sure to got everything on Kate’s List.  Returning to base, Kenya sent Kate a series of texts complaining about Vivica. one after the other.

At Infinity, Ian’s mind was a whirlwind of activity. Too bad it didn’t come with external instructions as his team found him difficult to follow.  4 Instance: Ian told is teammates he wanted a “permanent but movable wall,” huh?  Leeza Gibbons said  “Ian has a vision and its playing on a screen somewhere in Ian’s head, but I’m not sure that the projector reaches beyond that.”

Ian is a team player completely dedicated to his teammates

If I have to throw someone under the bus. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. Because they have the Bus schedule.”

Lets step inside the semi-complex mind of Ian Ziering

“The creative arts were always something that I could excel at. If I had classes in imagination and creativity, I would have had straight A’s because that’s the way my mind works. I’m a very creative person and that’s always been part of my wheelhouse.”

Now lets step away.

“In The Boardroom”

Donald to Kenya:  How Do you like your new team?

Kenya: I love my Team

Vortex-Loses their forth task in a row.

It went down hill from there.  While she stayed clear of  Geraldo, the other women weren’t so lucky.  attacked.   Kenya focused on Vivica, who gave as good as she got.   Vivica pointed out Kenya passion for the letter ‘I”   I’m this and I’m that.   Geraldo sitting between the women looked very uncomfortable.    Geraldo:” It’s a good thing I have a wife and three daughters . It prepared me for this’

Kenya’s on going contradictions weren’t lost on son’s Eric and Don and I think Kenya was scared and the son’s were not fans, so Kenya pulled out all the stops and increased her attacks on Vivica.


Michelle Obama would not be Pleased

Kenya is groveling and its isn’t pretty!

Kenya to Donald:  I am here to learn from you!  I Don’t wanna go home! I admire you and you family.  You are Really the “First Family of America”



Stop That Donald!

La Don, is badd, he know Vivica is hott.  So he throw in a little gasoline.  In the middle of all this madness he asks, Vivica, if Kenya was attractive or beautiful. Vivica went for attractive.

THEN KENYA WENT THERE !  “Well, I haven’t had any plastic surgery to my face, and I’m very proud of that.”   Vivica: NOT MISSIN A BEAT!  Stop it, baby. You sittin’ over there with the  gadunkadunk. That’s fake as hell, so don’t go there. Don’t go there. She had the boobs done! C’mon, stop that, Kenya. Sitting over there with seven packs of lashes on. Stop that!”


You know a few weeks ago Terrell Owens asked her about her “gadunkadunk.” didn’t she let him feel it?

Eric and Don jr are not feeling Kenya and if the decision were theirs ,Kenya would be in the back seat of the Benz.   But, there is too much drama, La Don cant let her go. So its the mother of 8 (let’s hope that’s enough) Kate, is gone……



“Hope NBC isn’t teasing us”


“Stop IT Baby”



Sig went overboard and not a Hooter could save him


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