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Roswell, Georgia are allegedly opening a homicide investigation into the circumstances of the bathtub drowning. Brown family members are apparently making certain Gordon is considered as a potential murder suspect.

“Pat [Houston] is making sure that the police look into what happened to Bobbi,” a source said according to MediaTakeout. “We know it wasn’t a drug overdose cause Bobbi didn’t do any drugs. It’s a lot of funny things going on… and Bobbi [Kris] didn’t have a will, so her husband Nick gets everything… all the royalties, everything.”

Brown and Nick Gordon did not have a pre-nuptial agreement.

Reports claim the family banned Gordon from the hospital and other sources say Bobbi’s Aunt Pat put a restraining order against Nick [after] seeing her niece following a fight that they had last week.”  (



It’s unclear whether a new order has been issued, but Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Marion P. Houston, known as Pat, did petition the Fulton County Superior Court for a temporary protective order against Gordon in March 2014.  (Atlanta Journal Constitution) 


Family Doesn’t Trust Nick Gordon

Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Frazier  said “The family has always struggled and had a problem with Nick [Gordon],” “They feel he played a hand in this incident.” It should be noted that the family has not insinuated or stated publicly Gordon had something to do with Brown being found unconscious, and it does not appear Gordon is a person of interest to the police.

“This was not a suicide attempt. According to sources, there were drugs, even though no drugs were found at the scene,” he said. “Allegedly the two got into an argument. They had apparently been partying.”

It’s possible the two did fight. Days before the incident, Brown tweeted a cryptic three-word message. 

Frazier didn’t stop there. He said the family never saw a marriage certificate for the couple. “Interesting thing about Nick: A family member told me they still haven’t found a marriage certificate,” he said. “A family member told me they don’t believe they’re married. It will be very interesting to see if we can find that marriage certificate.

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Hubby Cant See Wife

Gordon has been spotted waiting around outside the hospital, apparently unable to enter the premises as her family members sit at her bedside.

Her father, singer Bobby Brown, family friend and actor Tyler Perry, and her aunt Pat Houston are among those inside with her, but not Nick. Why?

Gordon reportedly moved out of the couple’s home last week after they got into a fight, and Pat is said to have filed for a restraining order against him.

This bars him from seeing his ailing wife in the hospital.

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Struggling With Whitney’s Death?

Bobbi Kristina has had a difficult time dealing with her mother’s death. At one point she was hospitalized for an anxiety attack, and it’s been rumored she has had drinking problems following that. But family and friends said she had turned over a new leaf since.

Her cousin, Jerod Brown (aka YF Kennedy) told E! News that she’s been living a clean lifestyle. “Krissi doesn’t do drugs,” he said. “She hasn’t been drinking or doing drugs and she’s cut down on cigarettes. She’s been trying to get her music together and keep her voice clean. Her voice is so beautiful.”

On Friday, Bobbi Kristina even sounded happy and enthusiastic when she tweeted this message, just hours before she mysteriously fell unconscious:

Her longtime family friend Sammy Tawil told NY Daily News that Brown “sounded great” that Friday when she spoke to him about how she was going to L.A. soon to record in the studio.

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