Celebrity Apprentice Season 14 Episode 10: ” Ding Dong The B is Gone! “

She got fired: Kenya headed for the exit after getting fired by Donald

Bye Felicia(um-Kenya)

We are there ladies and germs. Last night was a blood bath, there where tears, jeers,sneers and did I mention Kenya Moore was finally sent packing?

How do you take your Buns?

The task as if it matters was photo-bombing New York incorporating Kings Hawaiian.

The Project Manager for team Infinity was Johnny Damon and for Vortex the lovely Kenya Moore.

Over at Infinity, Brandi came up with the slogan “Rise to the Occasion”   Ian calls a friend who has a helicopter, this allows the team to take pictures of the entire city.

At Vortex, Kenya initially  attempts to reduced the tension with Vivica. Kenya idea was to take pictures of the derrieres of New Yorker’s and her own.  Her concept was to super impose the buns on the buns of New Yorker’s with the slogan “Baby Love Buns”  During the task Vivica’s phone disappears, like most of us, she stores a lot of information on her phone and was in a bit of a panic.

Geraldo thought they should take pictures of Kenya buns, Vivica wanted to add her own, but Kenya nixed the idea.  During the task it was all Kenya and Geraldo, with Vivica left holding coats.

 I could talk about team Infinity, but I know my audience ….you don’t care!

Kings loves team Infinity and hates Vortex, that five wins in a row for Infinity.



This is the main event. I wanna thank NBC for not pulling a Bravo esk hype and going no where.

Poor Geraldo, once again he is sitting between Vivica Fox and Kenya Moore.

Donald reminds the Vivica and Geraldo of the five losses.   The two of them sparred but it was professional.

Meanwhile, Kenya tells La Don, she has been friendly to Vivica.   Geraldo says Vivica didn’t help.

“Kenya unleashes a fire storm of Biblical Proportions “

Kenya suggests part of Vivica’s problems was because she was menopausal.

“I’ve noticed throughout the beginning of the show. Vivica has had wild ups and downs.  She’s very angry at one time she came after Kate and I had to step in and  say calm down. I’ve seen her going through hot flashes and I saw a tweet from her just the other day that said she was going the menopause.”Kenya Moore

‘That’s a dirty assed bitch right there,’ Vivica snapped angrily. ‘This child has toxic tendencies.’

Sucks Being Geraldo,Uncomfortably Sitting Between them

You are just a “Toxic Trick”

 Kenya said: ‘This is not the ghetto  Please don’t take it there, this is a professional environment’

‘You’re there honey” ‘It’s a place where you are prevalent” Vivica said

Panic Stations!

Vivica is confident, about the tweet Kenya found.  There is no way that was from her!

Kenya is cool as cucumber when Donald asks her would she willing to be fired if it weren’t there?

Don Jr, looks up Vivica’s account:  Bad News Vivica its here. “This menopause id killing me I cant think straight and I’m acting a damm fool half the time 50 just isn’t sexy”

You can see Vivica’s panic!

Her voice cracks a bit as she try’s to explain to Donald.   “I have brand, Mr Geraldo Rivera said my phone was stolen. Mr Trump I would never put anything like that out there. I rarely tweet anything”

Donald: Who would steal your phone?  Vivian’s points at Kenya

Don Jr, looks at her thread.   “I will say this, the last tweet was five days ago and the one before that was two days ago and they all say to someone have a blessed day and it makes it hard to believe you would write”I’m acting a dammed fool!” 

Eric(Donald’s other son): How often do you read Vivica tweets?

Kenya: Well we started following since the beginning of the show, I follow everyone’s tweets. 

Don Jr: Do you believe Vivica would tweet I’m acting a damm fool half the time 50 just inst sexy?

Geraldo: You make Omarosa look like an angel

Kenya, did you steal her phone and Tweet that out yourself?‘ Donald asked her, after earlier asking why she is ‘nasty to everyone’. ‘I’ve seen a lot of things I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before. We’ve really reached a new low,’ Donald said.

‘You lost, and you lot to a large extent because of your creativity,’ he told her. and fired her

Vivica becomes emotional and looks up.

‘I want to thank you for this opportunity,’ Kenya told Donald with a large smile.

‘You have been nothing but kind and gracious to me. Your sons are amazing, your family is amazing,’  Vivica, “I wish you all the luck in the world”  

Vivica gave her the hand, “I couldn’t care less, Bounce” Shrek!

Kenya Didn’t Win Miss Sincerity

After wishing Vivica all the luck in the world.  Within seconds Kenya calls Vivica “What A Ridiculous Person

In the hallway they snap at each other.

Vivica: Bye Trick!

Kenya: Bye Miss Ghetto

Ghetto Fabulous baby all day, that’s why your leaving.

Donald: Was that unbelievable or what?

Thank you, Donald for participating in the BEST DAMMED BOARDROOM EVER!!!!!!


Kenya, Kenya Kenya

Look, there are many people who dislike Kenya Moore.  Did I say dislike?  Hate Kenya Moore!

But what she is.. Is smart and entertaining.

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