Celebrity Apprentice Season 14 Episode 11: Sing or Shut the F*** up!

Vivica wasn’t the only one relieved Kenya was gone.   Brandi was literally jumping up and down.

 Joan Rivers returns to assist Donald.

With Team Vortex down to two players, Donald allowed one of his favorites “Geraldo Rivera” to choose anyone he wanted on Team Infinity.    He chose Leeza Gibbons.

The task was the create an original jingle for Bud Lite Lime-A-Rita.  The Project Manager for team Vortex and Brandi Glanville for team Infinity.

At Vortex Leeza liked Geraldo “Nice over Ice ” During the studio session Geraldo was distracting.  Leeza. Every one is contributing to the jingle.

Ian is a Master

Over at Infinity, Ian couldn’t brainstorm with the other member’s of his team.  He needed to be alone, after  a few minutes he comes out with an original tune that sounds exactly likes La Cucaracha. He is obsessed with the tune.

Radio, voice overs, and jingles is part of my wheelhouse: Ian Ziering

In the studio, Brandi had to choose between Johnny’s and Ian tunes.   Johnny works well with the studio musicians, Ian is clearly pissed.  Irritated he tell Brandi she has done nothing and insists that she lead and delegate!    I am, I want you to sit back and shut the fuck up!

Blood on the Floor of The BoardRoom

There was harmony on team Vortex.

On Infinity, Brandi likes Johnny, however, she says Ian has a strong opinion and if don’t go along, he gets very upset and  thinks every thing is wrong.          Johnny, stumbled, couldn’t sing the song he wrote.

Joan: on Infinity.   They liked that you mentioned all the flavors ,like that they mentioned drinking it on ice, in the summer that’s the right time to drink a rita beverage and that exactly the image they want to project.  The negatives, they thought the jingle was too wordy.  Didn’t have a catchy or repetitive phrase at all and didn’t reinforce it was a new rita brand and they used the word senorita because they wanted them to know it was for all the sexes.

Eric: on Vortex.   They liked the slogan Nice over Ice, they thought it was nice catch informative. Like the tag line for the thirsty in your life. They have did not have any negatives.   Vortex won!


Brandi, fire me or Ian.

Donald: Ian,what did you contribute to the team?  I created to the jingle (which lost) no I created a another jingle.  Do you think if they would have used your jingle,you’ve would have won?    Ian finally, finally, got to perform his jingle.  Donald blew him up, that’s La Cucaracha  original you couldn’t use it!  Its a very famous song, you couldn’t use it.   You said your song was better than Brandi’s.

Ian your Fired!

As Brandi and Johnny was about to get up, Donald ordered them to sit down!  And announced he was going to fire someone else.

He asked them who should he fire..  Donald ask as Brandi of the two who should he fire.  Brandi nobly said her, she couldn’t pick Johnny.   The prodded her but she refused to say anything badly him and he wouldn’t say anything bad about her.   Donald fired Johnny and seconds later fired Brandi.



“Donald Fired The Bitch”

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