Stuff like dat: Brian Williams, Bruce Jenner, and Millie the Weed eating pig.

Damm, Bri


The problem with a lie is there is always witnesses, you know the actual people on the helicopter that was hit. ( Brian who?)

“I think you would know if you were in a helicopter that was actually hit by a missile,”  “So I don’t think he didn’t remember that — I think he fabricated that story, and the apology seemed a little oddly circuitous.”  Rosie O’ Donnell on  “The View” Wed.


“All About Bruce”

Kardashians to cancel all press for reality show

15 minutes without the Kardashians, can’t you just applaud.  65 year old Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman. (No I don’t think Mama Kardashian drove him to it!).  With Bruce’s announcement, no one wants to know about a clothing line or perfume.  Now what can we do to get a permanent gag order !

Being a bit serious for a moment.   I  tip my hat to Mr Jenner. Going public will help thousands of individuals going through this very personal struggle  and perhaps help the parents of transgendered men and women.


 Dude Went Crazy after his Pig ate his weed

Chad Spohn, of Waterford Ohio, loves his weed.  Dude lost it last Sunday after he discovered  “Millie’ (his pig) ate his weed.   His wife says Chad gets upset when he doesn’t have any marijuana.

Chad and his wife were having problems.  His wife is considering leaving him .  Pissed about his weed, he drank .   After drinking a bottle of Everclear Liquor he started calling 911, calls threatening to harm himself.

When the po po arrived he was a bit feisty and they tased and arrested him.

His relationship with Milllie (who have lived with family since she was a piglet) is over.

In a message to his Facebook friends, he wrote, “anyone want a pig she is free and comes with food and cage. she is house broken as long as you show her where to go. if you have a dog she will follow it.” He added, “i just don’t have time for her anymore.”

I guess there  only room enough for one pot belly.