RHOA Season 7 Episode 13: Porsha’s and Claudia Heats up and Apollo wants to burn it down

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Kenya Starring Kenya

Kenya wants to work with Roger Bobb, her mind is a creative wonder. (She is a product of her own mind)   She wants to resume her acting career, with a sitcom of her own.    She has written so many pilots starring herself and has extended herself so far that Bobb  impressed, by her many talents would say lets start today!

One of the pilots is called “Life Twirls On’ is based loosely on her life there in Atlanta and some of the housewives.  One of the characters would be a large cross dresser in their fifties called Nono.  There were other so close to the housewives the show would never see the light of day.  Funny yes.

Kenya’s ego was in hyperdrive.  In the confessional : She said she was not Demetria!  AND!  He would need to be available to her twenty-four seven!

Bobb, who is producing two other shows based in Los Angeles quietly listened to her ideas.   Gave her a no misunderstanding NO!   She and Brandon, another person of many talents(whatever they are) will go it alone.


Porsha (Part One) has set the tone for the reunion and will undoubtedly get her peach back!

Grits and Shrimp (your not in Manhattan-your in Georgia) is what Nene and Porsha orders at the restaurant.  Dish Nation is giving Porsha a welcome party.   She invites Nene, who is looking forward to get away from the negativity in Atlanta as she prepares for her role in Cinderella in New York.

The embers from Puerto Rico are still hot and so is Porsha over the married African man comments  made by Claudia on the bus, she says.   But then our Porsha took a wide left and took a triple swing.  She took on Cynthia, Claudia and Kenya.   She said, Peter was using his wife as his meal ticket and the other two have spread their legs and “have nothing to show for it.”         The Reunion is On!   Porsha here’s your peach.


Not Funny, Not Fully at Tall!

Kandi and Todd’s road production of “A Mother Love” is over before it began due to slow ticket sales.  This was the first time Kandi relinquished control of a Kandi production.  Todd doing a little armchair quarterbacking  was  rubbing salt into Kandi, telling Kandi what she should have learned from this  saying how no one checked into the promoters back ground. He left out the part where he is one half of the team.

The next day, Kandi and Todd shares the news with her Atlanta team.    Her head assistant Don Juan who resents Todd’s influence on the production team, threw a bit of salt of his own.    He remember a comment made by Kandi’s Aun’t Bertha made last year.  About Todd making up a scheme… every one laughed except Todd and Kandi.  The indirect jokes about his “swimmers’ being short didn’t go well either.

 Phaedra, the Iron Lady Cracks

There are nearly six million people in Atlanta’s metro area.  In the last few episodes we have seen Bravo’s ” Married to Medicine’s” Dr Jackie and in this episode we see “Quad” Webb-Lunceford and her husband Psychologist Dr. Greg. is a special crossover episode in the works?

Phaedra meets with Dr Greg, to ask what she should tell her children about their dad and should she take them to visit Apollo in Jail?   Dr Greg tells her they wont be affected by the visits and if she chooses not to allow them to see their dad, they could grow up and resent her.

Meanwhile across town, Apollo is meeting with Atlanta’s only divorce Attorney Randy Kessler.   With only 4 days left before his jail sentence begins in Kentucky, Apollo is still worried about Phaedra divorcing him.   As of that date Kessler assures him, she hasn’t filed.    He tells Apollo something we all knew, she cant go to court saying she was blindsided when she knew he had spent time in jail.

Mama’s Knows

Phaedra mother visits and Phaedra is clearly stressed.  Apollo rarely spends time with his children, he accuses her having an affair and threatens to burn the house down.  Despite all of this Phaedra is hoping for a better ending.

Mama’s say Apollo has nothing to lose, and she doesn’t want to learn her daughter and grandchildren were killed. For him it would mean a few more years tacked on.     Apollo is becoming more desperate everyday and they should leave the house until he is in jail and she means NOW!


A Claudia Quicky

Derek J (SMH) comes over with hair idea for Claudia.  Claudia is preparing for the worst, and wants a wig that will come off  if need be.   She questions if its a good idea to attend the party, but her boss Ricky Smiley is going to attend…..


The Main Event (Porsha Part Two)The Party!

There isn’t much to see here.  However!  This could be the beginning of a real feud between Porsha and Claudia.  Before the candles went out,Porsha’s friends were stirring it up( their she is?) Meanwhile Claudia was giving Porsha the side eye.

Porsha didn’t want her there.

“I find it really tacky that Claudia would come to my event after what happened in Puerto Rico,”  “You got it twisted if you think you’re going to come here, round me up, get me in an uproar, here in my event.

So before Claudia could speak, the tone was set.   .

Porsha: “Whatever happened on the bus, happened on the bus,” “It just confirmed a few things that I had already felt. There were things said to me that were unforgettable.”

Rehashing the trip.  I will give Claudia points for initially attempting to keep it above board, then take away those points for having “The Talk” at the party.


Porsha:  “There is nothing fake about me?

CityFella:(SMH) I wasn’t there, but why oh why!   Maybe that weave is too tight?

Take it Claudia……..

“Honey, everything about you is fake,” “From your hair to your tits to your lifestyle.”


This was CityFella, who screamed at the TV  Y?

Its heating up!

Last Episode: Is Claudia and Porsha’s ex, startin up something?  They looked good together!

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  1. claudia is being real and she is throwing it straight to those gals! like any new girl, she has to position herself and i guess she is getting the bitches together. she read NeNe to the extent that NeNe got vulgar on air!! how cheap is the rich bitch?? G IVE CLAUDIA TIME LET HER ACT IN REAL


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