Celebrity Apprentice Season 14 Episode 13: GET GERALDO RIVERA!

Anticipation, An-tica-pa-tion –Vivica Fox, Leeza Gibbons, Geraldo Rivera waiting to see who on team Infinity survived the boardroom.  What they soon learned, there were no survivors.

Vivica Fox, Leeza Gibbons and Geraldo Rivera are the final three.   Of all the players, I think Leeza and Geraldo are his favorites.  He also likes Vivica. Leeza is pure class, Vivica without Kenya has style and I think he and Geraldo Rivera has history.

In my mind Geraldo with six straight losses should have been sent back to Fox where he could shine his teeth.    Leeza should win, but Donald is loyal.  I am reminded of Season 8, Donald and Joan have known each other for many years.   I will always love Joan Rivers but I think Annie Duke the “poka playa “,was robbed,  Joan was good but I think Annie Duke was better.

In the Boardroom, its was the standard, “who do you think is better” etc?  The circle was short, Vivica said Leeza was the better player.   See ya Vivica

Its time for the final task. I was looking forward to the who gets stuck with Kenya Moore.  You know Kenya is good for ratings but Donald doesn’t like Kenya, neither does his sons.   He’s not a fan of sucks ups or people kissing his ass.   I wonder if Kenya can live with herself after telling Donald, his family was the “First” family of America?

 The Final Task

Produce a 90-second commercial and sell vacation packages for Universal Orlando Resort

For Team Leeza, they brought back Kevin Jonas, Brandi Glanville and Johnny Damon.

Team Geraldo, Vivica Fox, Lorenzo Lamas and Ian Ziering.


Get Geraldo !

Both teams has resident narcissists: Initially Kenya Moore’s  brand of narcissism was subtle and  grew with each task.  However Geraldo Rivera’s brand of narcissism was evident out of the gate, many of his team members (particularly , Kevin Jonas and Ian Ziering) resent him. He insisted on being the star or voice on nearly every task and throwing tantrums when he felt he was left out.  Who can forget him walking in his boxer briefs and pumping iron to prepare for a photo session.



 Gawd!  I SO love me!

 Kevin Jonas, made it clear to Leeza, he wanted to take Geraldo out.  Meanwhile since we don’t have Kenya the show still needed drama.  They gave us the another Narcissist who happens to dislike Geraldo, Ian Ziering.    Geraldo tried his best to break the tension by doing shit with the thumbs as way to reset their never will be in life friendship.  Then dude called Ian a doll.

Rollah Costah

Over at team Leeza, Kevin was in charge of Directing.  Leeza booked her bud Olivia (“have to believe we are magic”) Newton-John to perform at the party.   Meanwhile the new best of buds Brandi and Johnny were a bit distracted from the task.  Its beer and hot dogs and later the Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket Coaster.  Props? who needs stinkin Props?  ah Leeza does.

He’s off to be the Wizard

Starring everyone’s favorite seventy one year old Wizard, Geraldo Rivera.

Geraldo idea was the be the wizard. In the commercial staring “Geraldo Rivera” the parents would ditch the kids in the Resort and the Kids would go with him to a magical world where they have to be brave.   (Yes there’s more)

Then at one point in the commercial,he would play an investigative reporter. BECAUSE  He’s a very familiar figure to many Americans.  NO… Wait Scratch that, he will play the worlds oldest “Harry Potter”  THEN he thought all of his team would be wizards.

Vivica is Pissed!

While I’m not really clear on what’s Ian duties on this task.  I do know Lorenzo Lamas will direct the commercial and Vivica’s is his assistant.  They walking through the resort looking for sites to shoot the commercial. All is good, the two are organized and work well together.

Geraldo enters, he sort of dismisses Lorenzo’s and Vivica’s work.   Meanwhile this kids assigned to follow him on his : Magical Journey” are missing.  Some assumptions that were made by um, Geraldo, went wrong.    He yells at Lorenzo and tells him “he is NOW in charge of every shot.   Vivica confirms this, in a well controlled I am fucking pissed (is that the way you want it?) tone.  Geraldo is now in complete control of everything and he knows it will work. BECAUSE, after all he is GERALDO RIVERA.


What did we learn?

Ian is up to no good

Brandi  thinks “Her  boobs look really big,”  on the roller coaster.


Last Week Brandi Shut Ian Down


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