RHOA Season 7 Episode 14 : His name is Chocolate

Is it true, has Phaedra found a side piece? and is the mans name Chocolate?  Well get back to Chocolate later.



Cynthia and Kenya drops in on Claudia’s Condo.  Claudia cracks as she is shares s her encounter with Porsha.   The drama with the ladies reminds her of high school.  People assumes she’s tough but she isn’t.

She made some bad decisions and went bankrupt but has never relied on a man for cash.   I like Claudia’s openness, she is the only lady who keeps its real, whether she is talking about her feet or her finances,  there is nothing pretentious about this peach.

Claudia  needs this gig and worries about being late and she also concerned about her performance on the Ricky Smiley Show.  He reassures her and asked about her relationship with Porsha.  She’s honest with him. He suggests, “someone has to be the bigger person” and later brings Porsha in.

Porsha’s clearly pissed and can’t believe she is talking about their beef,in front of the boss;   After a few minutes of bickering, Ricky prays with the women.


Cracks in the Tucker Household

The scene begins with Kandi and Todd packing for a trip to Los Angeles where Todd  seems to be packing  a lot of clothing.   Todd had procured an part in a movie for Kandi.  Before they leave for the airport, Todd announces he is staying in LA for another week.  He sets Kandi up by calling her argumentative as she gets defensive but its a done deal Todd wants to hang with friends in LA.

When Kandi returns from she vents with her pal Carmon.   Tells her after six months of marriage there sex life is down two once a week and she if often the one who initiates it.  Kandi wants a baby and wonders out loud if Todd is getting some from some were else.  Carmon suggest couples counseling.  Wait until Monster Joyce hears this!


 Super Producer Kenya Moore has a moment of delusion

With Roger Bobb, Roger Bobb, Roger Bobb, moving on to other thing the doesn’t include Kenya.   Ms Moore is writing the screenplay and auditioning actors for her pilot that she and Brandon are producing. It seems she is moving forward with a version of “Life Twirls on” without Roger Bobb .     She wisely eliminated No No and has asked Cynthia to audition .

I could talk about Kenya’s fakery but I wont….

Yes I will

Oh the drama, as she tells Brandon, she is going to be up 10 hours hammering out screenplay.  Oh, and how she wanted Sheryl Lee Ralph to audition… But darn-it, she under contract and cant do it…  And apparently, Eddie Murphy was too busy (even though she didn’t mention him last night)

10 Hours?” try nine minutes.   It was bad .

Did you catch the fake typing (what was missing was a #2 pencil in her hair)

The first audition is Cynthia……..

Okay, Kenya, thinks Cynthia can play a Jamaican hairdresser . Cynthia who says she knows about Jamaicans had one of the worst Jamaican accents this side of Korea!   She goes for it in the audition and gets the part.

There was a succession of women auditions to play the younger man stealing sister Megan.  Then she auditions D. Woods who appeared in Kandi’s play, this 31 year old women would play Kenya’s older sister, the OLDER sister!   A women, some 15 years younger.

It’s clear Kenya lives in a different universe than the rest of us.


“The Main Event”

Phaedra has been texting some African man named “Chocolate” counting down the days until Apollo goes to prison and telling him he’s her happily ever after.His Name is Chocolate

Apollo is freeking out.  He is due to report and start serving his sentence in Kentucky the next day.   He called Peter to come get him.  The root of his freekdom is a text he discovered on Phaedra’s phone.  She’s having an affair.

Somebody bring Peter a biscuit, he needs something to sop up all that Gravy.


Apollo has proof.  Homeboy went to library and printed out a copy or copies of the text!

Peter is dripping Now!

Well apparently Phaedra has been texting some African man named ‘Chocolate” and they both are counting down the days until Apollo is wearing orange(the new black)!

On the text she sent Chocolate, she is wearing glasses.   Apollo tells Peter that when he confronted Phaedra about it he got so heated that he was saying things like, “People kill people over shit like this… it’s called love crime.”

Okay Everybody!!!!!

Peter, like… lets go get some drinks, before he kills people who remind you of Uncle Ben.


Can wait to get home and share this juicy news with his wife, “Check out her reaction below”

Phaedra takes her moms recommendation and goes to a resort until Apollo heads to Kentucky.   At the hotel Apollo calls their eldest son Aiden and tells Aiden that he is going to prison where the police is trying to kill him.  Nice dad, nice!

Phaedra wastes no time when she arrives home.  She hires a locksmith the change all the locks and a man to change all the codes to the garage door openers.   In addition to all these people, her assistant is there and all is right with the world.

Until, Apollo drives up….

Homeboy, jumps out the car ranting and raving about random shit.  His clothes in the dryer that belong in the drawers, the keys, the house….    Phaedra’s assistant has her on thumb on the phone and is ready to call the popo stat!   Phaedra waves her away and Phaedra calls Apollo’s friend Boon or Bonn.   He is walking in and out of the house ranting.  At one point a grabs this large drill and rushes Phaedra.  Trying to talk to her, he whispers “Don’t Call The Police”        What really bothers Apollo is Phaedra demeanor , she is cool, she not ranting.

Phaedra Parks, Apollo Nida, RHOA

He leaves, everyone can take a breath.

Then he returns…..

There is something that tells me, if it weren’t for the people, the crew taping, he just might have beat the shit out of Phaedra.  Phaedra hold all the cards, she can divorce him, she can move the children to another country if she chooses, bring a new man to act as daddy and there isn’t a damm thing he can do about it.

As for Chocolate, who do you believe?   Apollo has a bad track record.He and the truth are seldom in the same place.   However Phaedra is a bit shady, she works very hard to maintain the image of the Ultimate Southern Bell.  Butta  wouldn’t melt in her mouth, one wonders if Chocolate does?

You know Kenya is going to take this and run……….See

 ya next week

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Apollo was gonna Burn it down!


6 thoughts on “RHOA Season 7 Episode 14 : His name is Chocolate

  1. It is obvious that Apollo made up the text between Phaedra and the so called Mr Chocolate. Apollo is desperate to have some kind of leverage when it comes to his soon to be ex-wife. We all know that he is a crook and a liar. Peter the Bitch needs to get facts before she he starts gossiping. Cynthia should be dropped from the show completely. She is of no relevance. Enjoy your eight Apollo. Bye

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  2. Ok here you go. WTF was Apollo trying to prove acting as if he had lost his mind?? First he pulls up walking like a ninja. ranting and raving. Then he calls Phaedra out to his car. Remember she was not talking to him, but he is saying “Stop playing with me” ha ha ha Apollo is a nut. Then he ask her to put his clothes in his drawer. Laughing my head off now. Next he leaves and come back, picks up a drill, then tries to kiss Phaedra, then whispers “Don’t call the police”. Finally ask her is she leaving him. I was exhausted watching him…

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