What IS a homophobic Racists to Do?

 Women kissing women, White men with Black Women, Men Kissing Men,  Latinos with Asians,  Jews dating Muslims, what is a homophobic Racist to Do?

By CityFella

Once upon a time in Entertainment America, everything was all white, the standard of beauty was white. Usually blondes with blue eyes.   With the exception of a Cuban and a red head with big blue eyes. Everyone stuck to their own kind. The races kept their hands, lips,and body parts to themselves.

It was sad, as many entertainers were close friends off stage, off camera. .   On stage, on camera, you could not have non-white friends or be openly gay.    In an interview, Debbie Reynolds said everyone knew who was who and it didn’t make a difference.

Back in the black and white 50’s, some Southern Stations wouldn’t air an embrace between Dinah Shore and Ella Fitzgerald.

There were two interracial relationships in 1957’s  lusty ” Island in the Sun”   The movie contained the first reported  cinematic  interracial (almost) kiss between lovers, the ravishing  Dorothy Dandridge and John Justin.

The other couple in the movie, was Joan Fontaine and Harry Belafonte.  The white man black woman was one thing but a white woman and a black man, well the audience knew they were lovers but no DNA was exchange and no embraces. The movie was very successful.

For decades, everyone kept their hands, arms and lips to themselves.

In 1967’s Guess who is coming for Dinner the love birds Katharine Houghton and Sidney Poitier seemed more like good friends than a couple in love planning to get married.

Then in 1969


Captain Kirk went where no man has gone before on TV

In 1969, this was HUGE, I’m not sure if tongues touched.

This was EPIC!  Jim Brown and America’s Reigning Sex Symbol Raquel Welch in 100 Rifles

The lives of Gay characters in the cinema usually came to a tragic end.  Someone hung themselves, was attacked or fell in to traffic.

Two females kissing was titillating,  Catherine Deneuve   and Susan Sarandon set the  screen on fire in “The Hunger” in 83. Lesbianism was “somewhat” acceptable on television.  Two men engaging in a kiss was not .

In 1981’s Dynasty, Steven Carrington’s father Blake, was so grossed out by two men hugging ,he accidentally killed his son’s ex lover.  The popular night time soap was on eight years and I don’t remember Steven getting a deep meaningful hand shake from another man. Perhaps that’s why there were two Stevens.          In 1987’s  “Soap’ Billy Crystal’s “Jodie Dallas was one of the first openly gay characters in a comedy, he must laughed a lot ,as we never saw him date or stare at another man.

In film, things were changing, this awkward kiss between Christopher Reeve and Michael Caine was newsworthy.
1982’s Deathtrap

The first reported male lip lock on network television was on Dawson’s Creek in May of 2000.

The kiss between Jack (Kerr Smith) and his crush Ethan (Adam Kaufman) was the very first gay male kiss aired (in a drama) on prime-time television.

That seems like a long, long time ago.  Thirty years ago on TV  everyone had one black friend. Today, most of the shows there is one gay man or couple, especially in dramas.   Now if someone can convince the networks that lesbians are funny.

In 2005, screenwriter,director and producer Shonda Rhimes obliterated stereotypes on Television with Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy uses a color blind casting  technique, resulting in a racially diverse ensemble. Each role is cast without the character’s races being pre-determined, in keeping with Rhimes’ vision of diversity.

Arguably the hottest couple on TV is  Fitzgerald Grant III(Tony Goldwyn) who happens to be President of the United States and Olivia Pope(Kerry Washington), a former White House Director of Communications who is widely regarded as the best “fixer” in Washington on “Scandal”.

Husband and Wife Tom Verica and Viola Davis on Rhimes  How to Get Away with Murder.     A lustful couple on Jane The Virgin. (the lady on top is the stepmom ,the woman on the bottom is step daughter. Brothers and Sisters..(no they are not brothers).  A real live couple who are not on TV series togetherEllen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi . Another real life couple Robert DeNiro and his wife Grace Hightower.

Romeo and Juliet: Sulome Anderson, 29, kisses her Jewish boyfriend in this picture which has been shared more than 2,000 times on Twitter

Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan

Blacks, Gay’s, Latin’s, Asians anchoring the six o’ clock news, hosting talk shows, leading roles on network TV series. Non white actresses and entertainers named the most beautiful women in the world.

To a homophobic racist, the world may be changing too fast, possibly too fast for non racist.

The world as we know it is far from perfect in entertainment there are other cultures that are underrepresented and locked in a stereotype. There still are too many actors of color out of work.

Stay with your own kind?

In the real world, you are seeing more white men with black women.  Latins and Asians, Gay men and women holding hands AND the world did not come to an end.   Seeing examples of loving relationships has change public opinion.  Fewer people are uncomfortable seeing interracial and gay relationships. Bigotry and hate will always exist. With fewer people outraged by the change. What is the homophobic racist to do?


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