Fox’s “EMPIRE” is Huge

By CityFella,

When I initially saw the trailer in the movie theater, I thought it was for a was for a highly stylized movie.   A movie, I might add, that I wouldn’t see, there was too much hype and you know what the say about the brightest light.

Well, as for the hype believe it.


Empire’s audience has increased every week since the premiere.  In the sweet spot(viewers 18-49) Empire is killing um.

To put this in prospective, typically a show peaks after two or three weeks and then it settles.  Some show’s like “Seinfeld” and “All in the Family” audience grew very slowly and it took them a few years to break into the top 10.In total viewers, Empire has gone up every single week – six total – since its premiere. Among adults 18-49, the series has risen five out of six weeks.

Empire has exceeded all Nielsen total viewer records to date.  The series has posted more consecutive ratings gains than any other new broadcast show, the rise of Empire has become unprecedented.

The music from Empire is making big waves on I-Tunes.  Another first:  The music from the show is available on I-Tunes once the show airs.

And believe this,  With in a year, every network will have similar program in for the 2016.

 Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson


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