Nuts, She punched him in the…..

Some people believe you should never go to bed angry.   If your Florida’s David Sweet you get it, well after he got it.

His live in girlfriend, the lovely and strategically talented Danielle Pearman were fighting about the status of their relationship. Early on, Ms Pearman punched him in the right eye.

Mr Sweet must have been really tired because while he may have been done with the discussion, Ms Pearman wasn’t.    Sweet went to bedroom with the lovely Danielle following him.   Bed was not happening as she pulled the covers off him, then tried to push him out of bed and then with lazer like focus, she punched him in the nuts.

Manatee County Deputy (Timothy Hall ) did not say if David Sweet was injured, or if he was planning  to audition for the Vienna boys choir,to give the lovely Danielle some space.

As for the lovely Danielle, the Po Po locked her up on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge.

Word to Sweet, guard your Planters, she is gonna be pissed when she gets out.