Hotel Confidential: Possible Worker Shortage This summer in Sacramento


Years of a flat economy has taken its toll on low income workers.  For years those earning at or just above minimum wage has not seen an wage increase in years.

A few weeks ago, Wal Mart announced a wage hike for workers earning less than $10. an hour. While this is big news,  Wal-Mart’s wage increase wasn’t noble, it was out a necessity.

A robust economy is creating of shortage of workers on the lower end.  For years the wages for housekeepers held just above minimum wage.   The average hourly wage for front desk clerk in Sacramento is $11.00 an hour.

Last month many local hotels increased wages to address a shortage in hotel staff especially in housekeeping.   Some area hotels are paying as much as $12.00 an hour for housekeepers and laundry staff,creating shortages at other hotels.

There is an increase in ads for these positions all over the Sacramento Region.

Hotels paying lower wages could face a worker shortage by summer.