RHOA: Season 7 Episode 16″Southern Discomfort” “Its Cynthia not Kenya who needs to be smacked with a clutch”

The Real in Reality TV, is we know people, who despite their busy lives have time to be messy, have time to be front and center (uninvited) in someone else’s lives.

In Southern Discomfort not only do we see some of the housewives insert themselves into the friendship of Phaedra and Kandi, we see Nene, trying to get the ladies into therapy. Really?

The episode begins with alternating conversations between Cynthia and Peter and Porsha and Phaedra.  Phaedra is seeking Porsha’s  expertise on divorce and transition. Both conversations eventually get to “The Dinner” where Phaedra swings her clutch Kenya’s way.    Cynthia is trying justify her messyness. Meanwhile cross town, Porsha has a bit of mess of her own.    She is wondering why Phaedra’s girl, Kandi didn’t have Kandi’s back?

Nearly six million people live in Atlanta’s metro area, and on this show there is only two Attorneys with Phaedra being the other one.  and two counselors and two doctors.


What would Phaedra Say?

Its Demetria….

‘Moooooo-ving ON’


Trouble in the ATL- Todd Speaks

Kandi and Todd meets with Dr Blake.  Porsha and Kordell’s counselor.   Todd is reluctant and goes along.   In the session he had a lot to say. It’s Kandi’s way…..   The Pre-Nup was a sore point and is still sore.    He is out of town a lot due to his work and Kandi says he acts like he doesn’t want to be there.  Todd tells her Atlanta is not relaxing, its stressful with family.   The counselor gives them a homework assignment.   A date.

Kandi also meets up with Monster Joyce, (long time no see) Mama Joyce thinks Kandi is avoiding her. She is. But Kandi says it’s simply because she’s busy. Kandi tears up,crying about how negative and critical Monster Joyce is.

She’s a  wonderful woman who know wants Kandi’s old house after her boyfriends destroyed it.  (Someone should accidentally back over her corns)

Finally, she keeps a secret (doing the happy dance here) she doesn’t tell Monster, that she and Todd is in counseling.


And Now You’ve heard Everything!

Group counseling for the housewives?     Nene says her hubby at large, Gregg suggested this.           (un huh-Bravo)

Nene contacts Dr Jeff Gardere,the same psychologist she used to help Gregg mend his estranged relationship with his kids.

Nene said that she doesn’t want a friendship, she just wants understanding and respect, and the Doc came back with  “and you want to give respect, too” She tells da Doc  you might love a challenge, but they’re going to rip you apart.

You know this is gonna go wrong, unless they duck tape Nene and her mouth throughout the session.


Oh How I wished Phaedra would have slapped Cynthia or threw a drink in her face.

Cynthia, ask to meet with Phaedra to clear the air.  Phaedra rightfully wants an apology.  Cynthia is wrong in so many ways.   The two have a history, not a friendship, but a history.  Apollo is a convicted liar, he in in prison for lying. For two years he lied on Kenya.  So she take a statement from a convicted liar, doesn’t call or check with her and spreads the dirt like Jif and gets bitchy when Phaedra asks her to fact check.      Cynthia says, Phaedra says, she didn’t fact check with Kenya.   True, but what does this have to do with her.

This is where a drink in her face or slap would have been in order.

Phaedra took the lady route and removed herself from her slimy acquaintance.  But I’m sure a drink in her face would have felt better.


The Main Event

Nene’s Affair

Not much to see here, Nene invites all the Ladies expect Phaedra and Kenya.  While Cynthia has seem to move on,Nene is not over their friendship every word between the to is brittle and sharp.

Her counseling recommendation goes as expected.   Not sure why Demetria and Claudia needs to attend.    Claudia keeps regurgitating Nene’s Puerto Read,co  attack, she needs an answer… Nene has apologized more than she needs to… Someone smack Claudia with a clutch.

Kandi, doesn’t feel she needs to go.  But the hens do, they feel she and Phaedra need to work on their issues.    What issue, Phaedra has spoken to every one by Kandi.  Smack Porcha with a clutch.

People busy, being busy………..Bodies


Last Week( The word was Whore)


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