Last Call For Alcohol


By CityFella

1:43am Sunday Morning

At 1.15am Alhambra Safeway is arguably one of the most exciting stores in Sacramento. This Safeway its the only supermarket for those living Downtown/Midtown Sacramento and its open 24 hours. Its near all the clubs.

For those wanting to keep the party going beyond 2am its Safeway and only Safeway.  The procrastinators have it down… its all about the booze. bout the booze, bout the booze, no food stuff.

You can always go back and get the chips and pizza.

The show is the newbies, they casually walk around, chat about which boy or girl is hott, they argue about Tositios or Cheetos believing as long as they’re in the store before 2am their safe.

Then they’re are the ones, who argue about what to get inside the store while they are outside the store.

Around them are Stretch Limos, party buses, taxicabs, skateboards, school buses, tow trucks coming in at a high rate of speed for that last bottle.     It’s all going down at Safeway.   The real  show begins at 20 minutes before 2.

The outside show this morning is from an arguing couple in a white Buick.   “You think you know everything” the driver screams.  And clearly she does, as she yanks on the front doors.  She stares and yanks again. She is gonna WILL that door to open.   After about 45 seconds she notices people entering through the doors to her right.  The driver of the Buick howls.   “You know every fucking thing”   She flips him off and hurries into the store.

People are running into the store, buying cases of Bud Lite, Corona’s and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

They are  counting down now, 8 minutes to buy Alcohol.

God help you if you don’t know your pin#   After the second try the crowd moans… “Come ON”  and what ever you do..DONT LOOK BACK AT PEOPLE IN THE LINE!

5 minutes to buy Alcohol….

The Alhambra Safeway is a well oiled machine.   The staff and security are in place.

Outside are two Highway Patrol Women in the parking lot who are looking some guy horsing around outside Del Taco.

(Through the years I have seen people try to put cases under their dresses and shirt.  Then there is the bottle in the pants)

There are no more warnings after 4 minutes.

The lines are moving, on group has cash in hand.

The group casually walking,talking, texting through the store,reach the check-stand about 5 after two am.

They are in shock……  Its not fair, one of the girls squeak.   They leave everything walk out and start arguing as they leave the store.

Shows over for this weekend.

One of the checkers closes and takes his break, you can see relief  in his face.

Its ten after two , the store is virtually empty, people are stocking the shelves, I get my four items.   I don’t recognize this checker. who yells at the other checker (you work in the day-somebodies got to fix this terminal !)

I smile at him an he goes WHOO, yeah I think he’s new.



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