Late Late Late Night Eats….. Midtown Sacramento Del Taco Vs Micky D’s and a lil Sugah


By: CityFella

You’ve burned all those calories on the dance floor, you may just want a lil snack or bigger snack. More than a dozen clubs and hundreds of people. Not many food choices after the clubs close in Downtown/Midtown.  In fact all the eateries are on the far side of  Midtown…     If you wanna sit down, there’s the Ihop on L and Alhambra or Mel’s.  Not only is there a wait at Mels by 2am  but parking is gonna be a challenge until about 3:30 am.

Where is a good food truck when your hungry!!!!!

Shift in Palettes? 

I’ve noticed something weird midtown.  Del Taco and Micky D’s eateries are almost across from each other. During the day the popular drive through is Micky D’s however after say 1.30 its Del Taco with the lines stretching  down Alhambra to J Street .   At the same time, just a few cars at Micky D’s . Things that make you go…. hmmmm?

One more thing……….

A bigger restaurant just meant bigger lines.  When ya want something sweet … “Its Rick Dessert Diner”

This is a Sweet Vid by Karmin