RHOA: Season 7 Episode 17 ” Fix it Therapy” “Kandi Keeps it Real”

NeNe Leakes

Were nearing the end.  Bravo is dragging the last few episodes by adding a lot of filler.  Your predictions were correct Phaedra and Kandi was going to have a blow up and Nene would freak out and leave the Therapy session ..blah, blah, blah,blah

In this, the 17th episode, Kandi keeps it all the way real.

Dr Porsha?

Beautiful woman….. but sometimes the body by Fisher has more of a mind by Mattel.  This season she has giving a lot of advice which is scary.     So we have Phaedra and Dr Porsha Williams chatting it up about Phaedra’s encounter with Cynthia.  (You remember, the one where I wished she would have slapped Cynthia or thrown a drink in her face)  After thoroughly trashing Cynthia… it’s time to move on.: huh


You Got your Trouble’s, I’ve got mine!

Phaedra’ best buddy this season has been Nene. Nene goes over to Phaedra’s house to check in on Phaedra.

She arrives with the worst hair of the season(think Bride of Frankenstein ,a blonde one it was worse than bad-it was tragic! ), one would think a good friend would tell her you need to do something about your hair.  I’m your good friend, lets fix it cause I cant let you go back outside with that hair!

Okay that didn’t happen.  Phaedra tells her what a wonderful friend she’s been.  Despite her busy schedule, she has been there for her.  She questions where her BFF has been? Nene, wastes no time to agree, where is Kandi?

Kandi drops by Phaedra’s law office and questions her.  She’s hurt, that Phaedra has talked to everyone but her.  She didn’t know there was a beef between them. She’s also questions Phaedra’s close friendship with Nene. Through the years Nene denied their friendship and have insulted her (who can forget calling Phaedra the head doctor) add Nene’s history of turning on friends.  Phaedra is hoping she’s changed.

Kandi admitted that she hadn’t been around Phaedra through her troubled times.  BUT, Kandi’s plate was full, a troubled tour, a crazy mama, a new grown kid in her home and bumps in her marriage.  Kandi is a good friend.  She didn’t share Phaedra’s personal information( Apollo’s crazy) with her friends.   The two chatted, Kandi apologized. Phaedra rolled her eyes, but their ok for now.

Try to make um Smile

Claudia meets with her Ricky Smiley co-host Gary..  She tells him she is thinking about doing  Stand up.   She meet up with veteran comic Luenell.  Claudia tells her she like to start off performing in front of a white audience.   Luenell, tells her white audience are kind but not necessarily honest and she prefers to work in front of a mixed audience.

Claudia writes her material and performs for a party of one (Demetria), no smiles were generated.

 Todd and Kandi

Reality TV is not good for marriage.  The list of failed marriages is about a hundred and fifty miles long.   Todd worked for Bravo, so he is no stranger to the marriage risks.  Kandi like Lisa Vanderpump on RHOBH are millionaires and don’t need the money, the two along with Bethany Frankel have used RH to expand their brand..

Todd and Kandi are in counseling, and what we know is Todd is has some real resentments and Kandi is incapable of dealing with real issues outside of business.


The Main Event

Contrived? yes. Predictable Ending? Yes.

Buckle Up!

On the last episode Mrs Nene Leaks contacted Dr. Jeff—the psychologist who helped Gregg work through some issues with his kids a few years ago to work with the women.  Mrs Leaks know he will straighten them out.  Most of them gave their Bravo approval.   Because in the real world most of us would have said,hell to the NO!

From the outside it seems like Mrs Leaks wants Mr Jeff to fix the girls, help them to communicate better.   Dr. Jeff told her, he was not going to treat her special. He was going to hold her feet up to the fire as well.  

THUWell we know our Nene, she likes her truth and only her truth.   She will not entertain someone’s else’s truth about her and she will make DARN sure, no one will hear what you have to say.

With possible one exception , the ladies (or girls) seemed open to the session b Cynthia.

Nene opens by telling the women in the room how negative they are.being in their

Next to speak is Kenya.

In Kenya’s mind, the two had made up.  However the next time Kenya saw Nene, Nene treated her like she had  plague.  Nene quickly came back reminding Kenya that this session is to help them, not to go back and forth with her.

New to the Nene show

When Dr. Jeff sees that Nene is on the defensive about being criticized, he lets her know that he’s there to represent everybody equally.  “Let me say this to you… I didn’t invite you here to represent me. I don’t know you like that.”


Next up Claudia

Dr. Jeff says she knows there is a bit of heat between Nene and Claudia. Claudia says it started when Nene blew her off and acted like she didn’t know her or need to meet her at Kandi’s party.  Nene says, it’s because she’s been in this group the longest, so everyone always tries to come for her. Claudia says,she’s bipolar. (oops)

Ms Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia left the mess in her car and kept it real.  She said their problems started  when  Nene felt like she didn’t support her after the eruption at Kenya’s charity event.  That was also the night that Nene called her husband Peter, a bitch!

When  Dr. Jeff asks  Did  Nene called Peter a bitch? “Yes, I did.” And why is that? “Because I felt like he was acting like a bitch.”  Cynthia says she feels like she made an effort to move beyond it while Nene just did whatever she could to destroy their relationship. Nene calks her a big, fat liar.

Kandi sends Nene over the edge

Kandi kept it real. Phaedra now Nene who is about to erupt.   She tells it like it is. Kandi tells Dr Jeff that she had issues with Nene from the get-go, and she was most definitely not gunning for the original housewife.

Kandi also backs up Cynthia, pointing out that after Nene and Cynthia fell out, Nene started throwing a lot of shade, even stating that Cynthia was irrelevant to the group. Kandi says Nene is the type of woman who not only tosses friends aside but assasinates their characters as well.

It’s a wrap, Nene is done. She feels she is being attacked . The grabs her bags and she’s outta there.  Dr Jeff is following her,trying to convince her to come back.   Nene is a big girl.  Dr  Jeff isn’t big at all.  I wanted him to jump on her back to slow her down….

See Ya Next Week

Last Week

I wanted Phaedra to smack Cynthia