Hooked on Stereotypes

“Look at him”…. “Its just like the book says, they really love their fried chicken”

( Dave Chappelle)

Was having a discussion with a colleague at work.  I resently test drove a fully loaded Cadillac CTS and was very impressed. The old floaty Cadillac of yore are gone.  The cars have come a long way of late and is one of the better cars I’ve driven this year.

I told him if I tripped over a bag of money, I might consider that car.   He paused for a minute and said you cant buy that car.   You’d be another black man in a Cadillac.

Its like me in a Honda.  Another Asian in a Civic, I would never buy a Honda.

Ludacris Right?

I thought about it and wondered if I could buy a Caddy.  Oh would I’d be concerned that I would be somewhere and someone  would say. Its just like the book says…………



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