He Cant Help Himself… Already in Jail, Michael Lyon faces new eavesdropping charges

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By CityFella

Membership in the millionaires club has its privileges, walk tall and stay out of trouble and you’ll spend little time in the big house.

But there are some who cant seem to get out of their own way.

Former, prominent millionaire Philanthropist  Michael Lyon was once a staple in Sacramento’s social scene.      Of course this was before he discovered electronics.   His electronic of choice was cameras and listening devises, where he could film guest in his home.

This obsession goes back to 2008 or 09 leading to his initial arrest in 2010.  Many of his guest/friends have sued him, others have settled out of court.    With his attorney Bill Portanova by his side, he could have served his time out of his lux Arden Park home.

Last October, he missed his appointment ( Really?-he doesn’t work) with his probation officer which led to a search of his home. The probation department found drugs in his home and seized his computers.    Sporting the new black (an Orange jumpsuit) the I Street Jail is his current home.

Not sure why it took them so long.  (everyone must be over 30)  But the county found evidence that ole Mike was back to his old habits of secretly recording sexual encounters with escorts and he is now facing 16 new felony counts of electronic eavesdropping.

He now faces more time on I street, not sure if escorts are allowed , but I’m sure he could assist with the electronics.


Michael Lyon Legal story (the Juice) from the Beginning





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