CA Attorney General unlikely to stop petition to kill gays

OC lawyer wants to "kill the gays" in California, according to initiative goal

California’s initiative process allows citizens to amend or add to the laws of the state. do both.   After paying a two hundred dollar fee the citizen can  submit the proposed law to the states Attorney General.    With this the citizen can begin collecting signatures  If the citizen can collect enough valid signatures in 150 days it may qualify for the state ballot.

There isn’t any  language in the initiative process that might disallow a citizen from collecting signatures for a law that might restrict people over 150 pounds from going out at night.

Now that law isn’t likely to see the light of day.  However, it may create a great deal of controversy.    As a result there are hundreds of  distasteful submissions.

Enter Matt Mclaughlin and his 30 minutes

With $200, this southern California Attorney.  Submitted a ballot initiative calling for the death of anyone who engages in same sex sodomy in the state. (Shot in the head)     The proposed law  “Sodomite Suppression Act.” has angered the gay community.  There are gay organizations all over the state calling for his disbarment.  Over 4,000 people have already signed a petition seeking to have McLaughlin disbarred.

Free Speech

Most legal experts believe Kamala Harris, California Attorney General would be unsuccessful should she try to block Mr McLaughlin’s petition.  As it would test his right of Free Speech.

Cuts Both Ways

We may never know McLaughin’s motives. 11 years ago he attempted to get the King James bible into public schools.   From the moment she approves his petition he will need to collect 365,000 signatures (actually the figure is closer to 500,000 to account for errors) in 150 days to qualify for the ballot.

Mr McLaughlin lives in a country that allows its citizens  ‘The right to express facts and opinions”

This country has routinely struck down laws that restricted the basic rights of its citizens from Integration to Gay Marriage.