RHOA: Season 7 Episode 18 “Housewives Interrupted” “Guidence “

The Main Event

Last nights episode began as the last episode ended with Dr Jeff chasing Nene, who was on attack Jeff mode, at one point she told him he should be worried about his licence. She says a good counselor “wouldn’t allow everyone to just dump their garbage in one person’s lap.

One of the many problem Nene has is she is the common thread with all the girls.  With the exception of Porsha and Demetria she has attacked all of them, not even Kenya can say that.

Perhaps she was hoping the good Dr Jeff would fix the ladies and remind them what a good person she is.

Meanwhile inside the with the ladies was remarkably calm (for them)   I think many of the breakthroughs would not have been possible if Nene stayed.  Dr Jeff pulled no punches. A lot of people say I’m sorry. If you don’t know what you’re apologizing for, you’re not sorry,

After some initial friction with Kenya, the ladies seem to work out many of their issues. (for now)

Porsha (you’ll haven’t heard me say this) was the housewife who made the most sense.

“Unless we let some of this go-we will always keep coming back to this.” 

There was a lot of discussion we weren’t privy to and towards the end Kenya and Porsha seem to be on the mend (for now) and Porsha and Claudia.   The one beef isn’t over is Phaedra and Kandi, apparently even the good Dr knows of their issues.  Problem is Kandi didn’t know there is a beef.  Later Kandi said Phaedra would always be her gurl.

Dr. Jeff asks them how they can reach out to Nene. So they ended up recording a video ( I should correct that, everyone accept Kandi who said  This is the reason Nene thinks she can get away with treating people like they need to kiss her ass.  ( High five for Kandi for keeping it real)

Claudia wants to meet with Dr Jeff for additional counseling.

Krazee Tawk

Just as I am becoming a fan of Dr Jeff.  He suggest the ladies take a trip together.  Yes!turn in your license.  To connect in new ways.  Presto Chango they’re talking Philippines.  18 hours by plane.   Must be nice.


Phaedra is under a lot of stress and perhaps in shock.     In shock I say?  Yes, shock and amnesia.  That’s the best I can come up with.  From a woman who has attacked you insulted you (who can forget the head doctor) who a few years ago denied you knew her. No many people would have swept that under the rug.  An enemy who has now become your best friend.

Phaedra welcome Sarah Jakes, daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, like Sarah they are both preachers kids and are talking divorce.

After talking to Sarah she talks to her lawyer and mentor, Ronnie Kaplan.   Through Ronnie we learned why she seemed so stiff.  She said,she doesn’t want to share too much with people who don’t have her best interest in mind.    Ronnie asks some of the questions we wanted answered like:  Why would Phaedra would have married Apollo knowing that he had just gotten out of jail for five years? .

She thought Apollo was a changed man: “I married him because I knew that he loved me. Some people do change their lives and make a difference and I thought he was that person.” She says she loved him despite all the baggage he came with and chose to believe he wanted to be someone different, “and maybe he was conning me the whole time.”The biggest issue with getting a divorce will be creating a parenting plan that works for both parties.  Phaedra is still resistant to taking the boys to see their dad.  Ronnie advises Phaedra to take the process slow because, well, I guess she has eight years to figure out “the trail of madness” she says Apollo left her.


Life Twirls On

Kenya sets her sights low and goes after Two Broke Girls…   Its a unorganized mess, but who know.  Just to hear Cynthia’s horrendous Jamaican Accent.

What about Nene?

Nene is at home with Gregg studying her lines for Cinderella.  She plays the Wicked Stepmother.   She has been attacked.

This season needs to come to end.   Bravo has run out of storylines.   Time for the reunion



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