Photo Fun with Senator and Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz

By CityFella

In a second, it annoys you.   Just a single second.

I’m channel surfing and there he was in HD. Grabbing a black student for a photo opp.   Who could be a supporter, but from the body language, he was the most convenient  black. The poor guy looked loss and it annoyed me.   I’m sure they scouted for a woman, a Mexican and an Asian.  Everyone except a Homosexual.

To be fair every politician does it.  A billion years ago I grabbed and before I knew it I was taking a picture with former California Governor George Deukejian (I voted for Tom Bradley)

I’m not a fan of Ted Cruz and I’m not from Texas.  Many Texans aren’t happy with Senator Cruz which may be just one of  the factors why he announced his candidacy  1300 miles away from Austin. In front  of 13,500 Liberty University students in Lynchberg, Virginia who were obligated to attend.

While stranger things have happened.  The tea party obstructionist is not likely get much financial support from the party.   The GOP spent big bucks to rid themselves of the Tea Party last year.

There are many who are unhappy with direction of the party under the leadership of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. If Cruz can get the support from members  who feel the party has abandoned them he may become a player.

His tone in his speech tells me he is going after those unsatisfied conservative Republicans who could very well sit on their hands during the General Election.

One quick observation.  You have to love the Paul Family. For nearly 20 years they have been an irritant to the Republican Party. First it was Ron and now his son Rand. They are never invited but they are always there.

Stay Tuned As the Gavel Turns