Norwegian Putin satire goes viral in Russia

Norwegian Putin satire goes viral in Russia

The clip shows alternative scenarios to explain Putin’s absence. Screengrab: NRK Humor/YouTube

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A Norwegian animated satire on this month’s 11-day disappearance of Russian President Vladimir Putin has hit a nerve in Russia, winning almost 900,000 views on YouTube, almost all of which came from the former Soviet Union

“Where did Putin go?”, a one-minute clip from NRK’s weekly ‘Norske Grønnsaker’ slot, imagines alternative scenarios to explain Putin’s absence, depicting the strongman topless, musclebound and clad in mirror sunglasses.

Some 76 percent of the views have come from Russia, eight percent from Ukraine and four percent from Kazakhstan, while an angry debate kicked off in the comments field underneath the over Russian activity in Ukraine.

“What amazed us was that all comments were written in Cyrillic,” said Claus Wiese, the editor responsible for the clips at NRK. “We used a translation and saw that the clip had launched a serious discussion.”

“Some thought it was American propaganda,” he said. “But then other’s jumped in immediately and said it was Norwegian satire.

Arild Ørnholt, who made the video with Marius Stene and Jan-Petter Aarskog, said the three had wanted to use Putin’s disappearance to create “the ultimate Putin sketch”.

“It did not take long before strange theories appeared about where he had gone, so we thought we’d give people what they wanted,” he said.

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