Sac Classics: 912 K Street “The Senator Fox Theater”

The Fox Senator Opened in 1925

One Screen 2500 Seats

The Fox Senator Theater was created from two earlier theaters, a large one on L Street and a smaller theatre on K Street. It was torn down in the 1970’s.

There was a time in America when movie theaters were Grand Palaces

The Senator Fox was a BIG Deal Back in the day.

Fox Senator on K Street, Sacramento

The 30’s

They were called street Cars…and Sacramento like many US cities abandon them.

Today, many cites are spending millions for those old cars.

  The Senator Theater is on the left.

Fox Senator Theatre

The 50’s

By the 50’s Hollywood was competing with Television.  The motion picture industry developed new technologies to get movie patrons back “CinemaScope,  PanaVision, 3’D and Stereophonic Sound required theater owners to build wider screen, replace projection equipment and complete re-wring of the theaters

Fox Senator in the background, late `50's. Courtesy of the Fiftiesville Facebook page.

A Westbound K Street in the mid 50’s with the Senator in the background. The Woolworth is now a nightclub. Payless is nowCalifornia Family Fitness . The Senator Theater is on the left.

Fox Theatre exterior


K Street Mall Closed to Traffic

The Building Today

(Note: The Railing and Windows above the second floor)