RHOA: Season 7 Episode 19 ” A Refreshing Drama Detox”

This is going to be one of the shortest reviews I have ever written for the RHO franchise.

We turn on the housewives for drama, but the screaming the constant circling of the drain ( no resolution) has grown old.      The episode begins at the airport with a very reluctant Phaedra who sat in her car.  Remember she wasn’t at the session with Dr. Jeff.

There were no flare ups on the 18+ hour flight to the Philippines.

At the resort Claudia saved the largest suite for Phaedra.

During a small meal Claudia share her divorce with Phaedra.  A guarded Phaedra wasn’t ready to share her story with someone she wasn’t close with,  uncharacteristically cried.

Kandi wanted it closure with Phaedra as it seems everybody STILL thinks there is a problem to the two of them.  Phaedra was still pledge her allegiance to Nene who wasn’t cleared by her doctor to travel  that distance because of blood clots.

We get to see Nene learning her lines for her Broadway debut as the wicked stepmother in Cinderella.

The atmosphere was calm, very little of the cattiness were grown used to . Many of the ladies attributed  it to Nene’s absence.

Claudia the Facilitator 

At a meeting, Claudia broke the groups up and had people sit next to in some cases their nemeses.  The purpose of the meeting was the close some of the on going squbbles .

It make have taken a broken glass, but Claudia maintained order.  With Phaedra and Kenya agreeing to talk.

The show, short on story line, was refreshing, the ladies were laughing and genuinely have fun.

While things are look mild for next week, we are talking about the Housewives


Last week the Doctor Chases Nene and the ladies Break Group