Ford Resurrecting The Lincoln Continental


(Ford Motor Co.) (Ford Motor Co.) After rolling off into the sunset 13 years ago like a luxury dinosaur (a dinosaur with wheels, okay?), the Lincoln Continental is reversing back onto the scene. Ford Motor Co. says it’s bringing a new Continental to the market soon, with a full-size sedan going on sale next year.

The Continental was pushed into the storage closet after Ford acquired other luxury brands like Jaguar and Volvo, and competing cars came in from elsewhere in Europe and Asia. Ford turned to naming its luxury cars things like the LS and MKS to emulate those foreign rivals, instead of giving cars names that are actual words.

That’s changing now with the return of the Continental. The new version of the vehicle will be shown at this week’s New York auto show in concept form, reports the Associated Press.

The Continental dates back to 1938, when Henry Ford’s…

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