RHOA: Season 7 Episode 21 “Chasing Nay Nay”

In this installment of RHOA we learned…. Nene was still Nene, Phaedra still over the top, Kandi wants to support her husband.  We learned no one would ever confuse Cynthia Bailey acting ability with Viola Davis. Kenya is a peacemaker and Claudia is a mean girl bitch and Bravo is stretching out these last couple of episodes until the reunion.

She’s a Big Girl Without a Bad Jamaican Accent

The installment begin with Cynthia’s beautiful daughter Noelle. Who is trying on very expensive dresses  for her first Homecoming, Kenya is there to show her how to make an entrance.  Note: nothing that teenager was wearing came from Sears.

Speaking of Bad Jamaica accents, Cynthia needs help with hers for her character on Kenya’s ” Life Twirls On” pilot and consults her husband, Jamaican-born Peter Thomas.  Now if she can get help with her Barnum and Bailey make up.

Nene Takes Broadway

This was a small endearing clip, with Gregg and their son Brice, at Sardi’s restaurant in NYC.  The Leaks are clearly not in the ATL and Gregg doesn’t want Brice on his own in the Big Apple, today this block, tomorrow maybe other block.  Gregg is Nene’ foundation, and perhaps he is the only person in the world, she will listen to.

Will They or Wont They? 

Kandi met Todd Tucker while they were both in South Africa on Season Five of RHOA.  He was working in production at the time. Most of his work takes place in LA or NYC.  Something Kandi (who hates leaving Atlanta) knew.

Perhaps, she thought they would work together on her projects in Atlanta.  Todd has a career, he is currently one of the Executive Producers of “Hollywood Diva’s which was just picked up for a second season which is based in LA. He has a production company based in LA and has quite the resume.

Kandi, has an agenda, she wants a child, and a family in Atlanta. She could move to LA, but her business is her.  Being raised by a single parent, he is somewhat reluctant o have a child.  She isn’t getting the attention (sex) and questions if they will make the first years anniversary.

Phaedra Loves A Grand Entrance 

My boys miss their father,” said Phaedra Parks, “I want to give my sons and others strong black role models.”  She organized a group  “Save Our Sons” rally to empower and encourage boys and fathers to be better men by having successful African-American leaders mentor them.

Phaedra had the wives serve lunch at the rally – the first time they had all been together with Nene since she stormed out of the counseling session.

From ballet dancers, to men carrying her son in a raised chair, Ms Parks loves an entrance and last night was no different, she has a marching band play her in.  Now what the marching band has to do with empowerment? I guess you’ll have to ask Ms Parks.   She marched.

“The Main Event”

 Messy Claudia

I have a love and hate relationship with Nene.  I would love to be her at a party.  She can be charming, she’s always funny.  Having said that, I would look for her at a party, but I would not invite her to a party.  Its too risky, and she lift it or tear it down.

I could rehash her short comings but I wont,we all know them too well.

She and Gregg flew from New York to support Phaedra.  Phaedra wanted the ladies to serve food to the men at the event..  From the moment Nene stepped in Claudia was looking to start some mess. Claudia shared the progress the ladies made after she left . ( I caught it)   When asked about the video the ladies made for her in the Philippines, Nene was being Nene said it was phony.   (Kandi warned them)

Claudia has been one of my favorites this season, but last night she lost points.     She looked at Nene side eyed as she went in and went after Nene.     As Porsha served, (Kandi and Kenya wasn’t there)  Claudia and Cynthia went after Nene.  Forget the food, Claudia wanted world important answers to her question and she wanted them now. To her credit, Nene kept Nay Nay under wraps    Would have been nice if Nene slapped her with a plate of chicken.   Voices were raised, the audience could clearly hear the commotion. Judge Mathis was speaking.   Claudia chased Nene, who kept Nay Nay under wraps.   But she took the high road and left, with Claudia prepared to chase her through the hall way, but Kenya arriving late, Kenya , YES KENYA MOORE!!!! grabbed Claudia as to say, “Stop this foolishness”  

Next week is the last show before the reunion

(Early Reports says this reunion  is calm no one hit and no hair was pulled. If you want and need Ratchet, catch Beverly Hills, (you know its bad when Brandi says fuck you to Andy Cohen)  Everyone has dropped the F bomb accept Yolanda and Vanderpump (so far) part 3 wraps this Tuesday)


Last Week

This may the only DRAMA FREE episode in the history of RHOA


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