A Conversation

HarsH ReaLiTy

Woman: “Peter we need to talk baby.”

Man: “Sure what did you want to talk about babe?”

Woman: “Well you have never asked about my family much so I thought I would tell you a few things.”

Man: “Gee I’m sorry babe, I just thought you wanted to keep some things private. You know I’ve been busy with my weightlifting thing.”

Woman: “I know baby, but I thought it was time to tell you my father is a higher up in a drug cartel in Mexico and my brothers work for him also.”

Man: “Um… what…”

Woman: “I’m just kidding baby, hehe, you should have seen your face. My family actually owns a bakery in Mexico City.”

Man: “And this bakery isn’t a front for any illegal operations…”

Woman: “No silly. hahaha, you’re so funny baby. My brothers are really sweet and they all nine do MMA and Capoeira.”


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