The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Season 7 part one ” Will someone please give Porsha her Peach Back !”

By CityFella,

Last night’ Reunion was a bit tame. However the ladies looked good. Kandi was busting out all ovah. Nene had an excellent hair day. Claudia had a questionable large chain ( Uptown Thug Housewife) and Cynthia went a bit drag queen with da hair, if one wig is good, then two wigs……….

Host Andy Cohen brought quite a bit of shade of us own..  Taking a swipe at Cynthia’s hair (You look like Diana Ross from Mahogany)  To revisiting Sheree’s house….   Andy to Nene. So Nene we here your bought a big new house, is it like chateau Sheree’s?  Nene, mild laughter, no…Sheree probably  haven’t moved in yet…

More shade via Bravo.  A fake commercial for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta Wig Collection., We all  know Nene had a bad season, and her laugh was a bit pained.

Did anyone miss Demetria McKinney?


Cumbaya is Ovah

With one exception, old patterns, tired discussions returned. Who’ a whore, Phaedra hasn’t visited Apollo. Kandi is still troubled by Phaedra’s statement and the relationship between Phaedra and Nene. They revisited the reunion fight between Kenya and Porsha. Porsha says she’ll never apologize to Kenya for physically attacking her because she doesn’t think she deserves an apology and at the time she felt threatened by Kenya’s scepter-wielding

Andy brings up the pretty frightening garage encounter just before Apollo reported to the jail in Kentucky and asks if Apollo has ever been abusive, which Phaedra says they won’t be discussing.

The one exception was Kenya, who was cool and relatively quiet.


Last year Porsha lost her Peach(demoted) after physically attacking Kenya Moore.  She didn’t come out with the six cast members. When she did ,she went out of her way to create drama as if to say.  It seemed she hit the room screaming.  There were more than one occasion where she didn’t seem to make sense.     Cynthia questioned her about a statement she made to Phaedra, suggesting her husband sleeping around. Porsha, response, I was talking alone to Phaedra, this wasn’t something I was spreading around town……..     That’s our Porsha, waiting for the train to pick her up on the underground railroad..Claudia said at one point that she doesn’t know what Porsha’s talents are?

Kandi on point

The best interaction last night was between Nene and Kandi.

Nene seemed disengaged for the most part.  Nene explained her relationship with Phaedra. There bond was divorce. Nene said how hurt her son was when Gregg left the house and the two of them never discussed Kandi .She said when she was going through the Divorce, she didn’t want to talk about it , she  wanted some one to check up on her.   She was a Rock to Phaedra.

BUT KANDI CAME ROARING BACK…….  You were also a rock for Cynthia,  but at the end of the day you were copying and pasting her text  messages to us. If you are a best friend to her your not supposed to share that information . She confied in you not knowing you would do that.     Nene tried to explane her actions but  failed in an epic way.  I was trying to show you the kind a friend that she(Cynthia) was.  I was down with this girl    Kandi, so what you’ve shown us is,, you will blast a person with personal information if you are no longer friends.     Kandi said, she didn’t hate Nene, but she does hate her “ superior stank ass attitude”   But when your fun, your funny I love it.   Cant argue with that!  

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