Dating and Baseball

By CityFella

If you are a Baseball fan you know home runs are rare. When it happens its exciting. There are many who have had successful careers as a baseball player without a home run on their resume.

In the Wonderful World of Dating, some of us expect no less than a home run. After all,you’ve talked, discovered what you had in common, so anything less than a home run is unacceptable.

As in baseball, home runs are rare. More than half the batters strike out. Some are up, several times without a hit. Then there are the exceptional players, who always seem to get a hit with little effort.

In dating this will be true. I have a dear friend, who at 54 has had 5 dates in his entire life. ( I average 5 dates a month) He has been in two long term relationships one for 27 years. He met his current partner at a birthday party and they have been together 5 years. He has the luck of meeting good men, it kills me.

Such is life.

Some people give up after the first date. It wasn’t a match,  the person was a no show,  they didn’t call , dissapered after the first date  or  the person was a compete jerk.

They didn’t get a home run. So they are through with dating forever and walk off the field.

They allow a complete stranger to define them and determine their future. So after this one event (sometimes more) they pack their bags and buy a one way ticket to Gloom and Doom Island. (At least there is a Starbucks there)

Home runs are rare in life. As in baseball, there are many successful players who have never ever had a home run. Most of us strike from time to time. Where up at bat, were laser focused on the ball. There’s the pitch, a swing and a miss.

Sometimes we can not seem to catch a break and then one day get a hit.

We have choices….

We can set the bar too high. or we can place it a level were we can easily reach it.

You can leave the game after a strike out or you can keep on swinging until you get a hit.

Dating as in baseball there are many misconceptions. There are some who believe they need to be uber beautiful,handsome and perfect.

The reality is majority of couples are ordinary people with imperfect bodies. With an emphasis on love. You can aspire to be someone else  or you can focus on you being you, either way just know the game will go on with or without you.