The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Reunion Part 2: “The Men and Patrica”


Somebody turned up the dial on Part 2.  The Housewives are heating up and its getting nasty (just the way we like um)  Last night the men and Patrica had their say.   Most of the fireworks were between Kenya and Nene.   We didn’t hear nary a peep out the Claudia.  But Patrica made his/her mark.    Last week Porsha was the weakest link, Last Night it was Cynthia!


Kandi is perhaps the most real of the housewives.  She is also the one that make me crazy. Her relationship, with her mother, Todd and her children often makes me scream at the set.  But what she is, is honest.

Kandi and Phaedra were friend long before they signed a contract with Bravo.  They at one time dated or saw the same man.

With the crises with Apollo and her marriage, Phaedra wanted to see and hear from her gurl.  She like a lot of us assuming Kandi would call and check on her.    What she didn’t know that Kandi had a lot of drama in her own life.    However there are times when you need to tell a friend, I am down and out and I need some company. What we know of the TV Phaedra is ,she is not one to share her private life.   Kandi is just the opposite. the mailman knows of her troubles.

The downside of being on reality TV, is you get see and hear to ones innermost thoughts via the confessional.    Kandi, hearing she has neglected her friend, apologized and asked Phaedra if their friendship is okay?  Phaedra said yes,and continued to complain about Kandi in the confessionals.    For Kandi, a lot of the trust is gone.  She has always had Phaedra’ back and feels betrayed. Kandi got very emotional, She cried. “I said I wouldn’t do this,” she said. “I’m so mad at myself right now.”  “At the end of the day, at some point, there was some sort of tension,” Phaedra said.

You can find wrong on both sides. Clearly there is a lot of love there.  But can their friendship survive, Reality TV?

Nene Loses Detroit!

Flashback a year ago.  Season 6 Reunion.

 Nene and Kenya both bet each other that they would donate $20,000 to Detroit Public Schools at last year’s reunion.  Kenya donated the money Nene did not!   And tells  Andy she’ll do it when she’s ready!   Then she tries to blame Kenya .   Kenya is bad because she posted the check on social media.

“That really gets under my skin,” Kenya said. “Why not cut the kids a check? That speaks to your character. You’re making this about some bullcrap… She has no excuse. I don’t think she will ever write the check.” “You’re rotten to the core,” Kenya said.

Whatever happen to do it for the children EPIC FAIL NENE!

A Round of Applause for RHOA Fan Kylie from

Morrisville ,Pennsylvania

Yall know that Miss Cynthia Bailey has found her voice!  This season she has been down right nasty, shady in da dark!

A married woman, Cynthia knows  that airing out someone else’s marriage, is far from okay.  After all she is married to Patrica and she’s is determine to defend her actions and telling everyone she knows about Apollo’s text that Phaedra is having an affair with some African guy named Chocolate.

Andy reads:  Cynthia!  Kylie from Morrisville, Pennsylvania writes: What made you think those texts from Apollo were real, when he went to jail for doctoring paper work? 

Kylie drops imaginary mike and walks off stage!

The Men!

Patrica’s Point

Gregg Leaks Built in Swag

Todd still has a beard

They call him Uncle Ben, LuPeter , and some of us call him Patrica!

Peter Thomas  been routinely criticized about being in (women’s’) business. Refusing to mince words, he said he didn’t give a flying fuck about what folks say.  (Patrica!, that’s not lady like!)  “I’m always going to say what I want to say when I want to say it.”

Last season Nene called him a bitch for being in “Woman’s” business.  Patrica tried to get Nene to respond but Nene had nothing to say But her man Gregg did.  “I’m a man’s man. .I work on swag. I don’t work on women’s business.”

Kenya Needs To Thank Gregg Leaks for Saving her from Nene

Its clear to me that Kenya didn’t watch earlier seasons of RHOA.   If she did, she would know, if you get too close (meaning the truth) Nene will jump on you.  Perhaps she should have called Kim Zolciak.

This was a spillover.   Kenya and Phaedra were once again circling the drain.  Whore….(yes, yawn).

Phaedra said when she met Kenya.  Kenya was flirting with Apollo, suggesting threesomes (who can forget that!) and revisits the tapes.

Kenya, sort of dismisses her actions by saying everyone flirts.  Evan Nene flirting with Peter. Nene who had been relatively calm (for Nene) went from 200 to deftcon five ( Terror Alert)  with a voice that could be heard in Guam.  “Don’t go there! Ask Peter! Don’t do that in front of her husband.” NeNe, who had stayed relatively quite throughout the episode, spoke up. She yelled at Kenya, “Hold on, let me tell you something, you will not sit here and disrespect me and my husband,” she screamed on the top her lungs.

She even threw gal pal Phaedra under the bus ( a bit)


 Nene was on the edge of her seat, looking like she was about to pounce on Kenya.  The man with Swag, Gregg saved her life. Gregg ,had to pull her back into her seat before things got real ugly!   Something tells me, a pissed Nene punches like a man.

See ya next week


PS… Don’t cha just love it when Andy Cohen giggles behind the cards….

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