Stop Using the Word “Thug”

*Dusk Magazine

We’ve all heard about the Baltimore Uprising happening right now in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s hard to ignore when the media has latched onto the violence and destruction, as they’re wont to do. The protests began after Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old resident of Baltimore, died in police custody. Since his death and the refusal of the police to release any information, Baltimore has been holding peaceful protests, but the media has not been covering this. Only when police instigated a confrontation with high schoolers did the protests take a violent turn and then the media showed up to cover it. Since the violent incident earlier this week, the news has been replaying the story over and over, exaggerating truths and framing the protesters in a bad light. This Friday, the mayor of Baltimore revealed that the officers responsible for Gray’s death will be charged and prosecuted.

Many people have weighed in…

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